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Kickboard Scooter!!

So Her Campus Duke is having a lot of fun lately, and this probably has something to do with our wonderful new Kickboard Campus Scooters! Why walk around campus, when you can SCOOT? These high-tech scooters are a recent addition to our Her Campus chapter, and at a relatively inexpensive price of $199 we would definitely recommend them to our readers. We even broke a couple of rules by trying them out in the hallways (as Taylor, our staff writer, is clearly doing above), and we’re pleased to announce they’re just as much fun inside as they are out– although we’d definitely recommend you using them outside to get the maximum effect. 

So Dukies, we’re planning on using them throughout the year (a new unique way to hand out flyers when tabling on the BC perhaps?), so look out for them!

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Photo Credit: Victoria Scott

Sabrina is a Junior at Duke University, and is double majoring in English and Public Policy. A born and bred South African, Sabrina has traveled to the USA to pursue her higher education. As well as being a member of the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority, Sabrina is also Assistant Vice President for Recruitment for the Panhellenic Association at Duke. Sabrina has written for Duke's daily newspaper, The Chronicle and Duke's fashion magazine, FORM. After graduating, she hopes to attend law school preferably in her favourite city, New York. In her spare time, Sabrina vegges out to various fashion blogs, mindless TV (Pretty Little Liars anyone?) and online shopping (which borders on an addiction). If you manage to catch her in an energetic mood, she's probably on her way to cardiodance (or to the nearest mall).
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