Like It’s Your Last

One month and four days. 33 more sleepless nights. Four more Saturday Night Shooters. Nine more Psych 101 lectures. Three more midterms. Two more final projects.

However you measure time, there is no getting around the fact that second semester is coming to an end, and that means so is my freshman year of college. With every passing weekend I find myself being pulled in one direction, towards the fun and excitement of college and newfound friends, and in the other, towards home, familiarity, and freedom from work. As I reflect on my past 7 months, nights out with friends, late chats in dorm rooms, and Durham adventures seem to infiltrate my recollection. I would be remiss to negate all of the hours I spent studying, perfecting final papers, and stressing over midterms. While a large portion of my day to day activities are devoted to school and studying, my fondest memories are of friends and adventures. Taking time to explore Durham these days, I often catch myself wishing I’d done so earlier. Some may question my fear of missing out and not experiencing everything college has to offer, arguing that I still have three more years to explore.

To this, I disagree. I want to leave college exhausted. I want to walk across that stage at graduation knowing I didn’t jam pack a four year experience into one rushed semester, frantically trying to fulfill the “unofficial graduation requirements,” get a last minute fix of Shooters, or realize that the best brunch place is just a few blocks away from campus. Every year I hope to live it like it’s my senior year.

Creating a list of some of the things I’d like to see, explore, and experience while in college is my way of holding myself accountable. This list serves as a reminder that college is more than books and studying. Beyond that degree we are all working so tirelessly to earn are spontaneous trips to the city, picnics in the garden, and good times with friends. I encourage everyone, the earlier the better, to think about the college experience they want to have, write it down, and do it. Rather than waiting, pushing it off, making excuses, find time to take control of your college experience rather than letting it control you.

10 things on my college “Bucket List:”

  1. Swim in the Eno River State Park

  2. Climb the Chapel

  3. Drive to the beach

  4. Hike in the mountains

  5. Go to Beach Week

  6. Find your favorite Brunch spot in Durham

  7. Befriend a Durham native/resident

  8. Run through the Duke Gardens

  9. Shoot a 3-pointer in Cameron Indoor Stadium

  10. Watch a Durham Bulls baseball game