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How To Spice up Your Roomie Relationship

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Duke chapter.

It’s not as hard as you think.

Well, it’s that time of the year again (or first time for some of us)—coming home to a new roommate!!

Everything inevitably builds up to those first few precious moments you have together:

Looming over the thoughts of planning your synchronized move-in dates, color-coordinating any and every accessory you can think of, ever-so cautiously lining up your social events for the entire semester, etc. But at the moment I bet you had yet to realize that your schedules didn’t exactly line up well, she actually has a BF or SO on the side, and you literally can’t be in the same room as her for your entire life.

Instead of staring at each other endlessly or awkwardly avoiding eye contact when you both (god forbid) happen to cross paths in the room, quit fiddling your thumbs and do the following:

Say good morning/good night to each other. My mother always said, “never go to bed angry,” and this applies to us millennials as well! After all, who doesn’t want a good night’s sleep or a positive start to their day? I know I do!

1. Eat meals together (esp. brunch).

Take advantage of the fact that you never have to eat alone, just ask the person that you live with (yes, they still exist). Take brunch for example; what better way to knock out two meals with one stone! Bond over brunch, talk about those late nights spent at the library (but mostly that night spent at the frat party- oops), and even throw in some bloody marys, mimosas, or several glasses of champagne! 

2. Cook for each other.

When one of you (or both of you) is feeling ~adventurous~ and ready to take advantage of your kitchen (no, it doesn’t bite), get off your butt and work some magic! You may realize that all the endless battery drainage from watching Food Network or Tastemade videos on your phone will pay off.

3. Study together.

That awkward moment when you’re barely getting by with a C+ in Spanish while she has taken Spanish for 5 years and spent every summer vacationing in Spain- that’s the moment when you reach out. And the best parts about studying together are study ~breaks~ together- turn up the music, throw a mini dance party, and live a little (a lot).

Decorate together, dress each other, go to a music festival together, the options are endless!

Find a way to ~spice up~ your roomie relationship. Caliente!

Freshman at Duke University! Born and raised in Miami, Florida, I love coffee, working out, tennis/ any water-sports, and trying new and exciting things!