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How to Dress Like a Dane, Part One

So I’ve officially been in Denmark for about two weeks. All I can say is, the Danish people know how to dress. This is a pretty good example of the mainstream street fashion:


Danish people seem to be innately gorgeous, tall, and fit, so they already have a leg up on the foreigners. But they don’t try really hard to dress up, which is actually really refreshing. Instead, style is more easy-going with a little added edge. Women wear very little to no makeup. Since being here, I’ve adapted my style, wearing only eyeliner and bright red lipstick. In addition, no one really styles their hair; most people either leave their hair down or pile it on top of their head in a messy bun. This is my personal favorite.

All outfits are neutral, mostly black. It works, because everything matches this way! (Anyone wearing bright colors is automatically marked as a foreigner.) The weather varies with time, with rain almost every day, so layering is a must. Tights can be thrown under anything for practicality, and this makes an outfit look a little bit edgier and put together. Plus, Danes wear skirts into the winter, which is a win-win. I’ve invested in a lot of patterned ones that I think look a little bit more fun and work nicely with all the neutrals.

While this style isn’t the typical leggings and Ugg boot pairing that you’ll see around Duke’s campus this fall, it’s definitely something worth trying. Based on my experience so far, when you look the part, you act the part. By dressing a little nicer and breaking out of the cookie cutter mold, who knows? You may just do a little bit better in your classes and experience a much-needed confidence boost that leads you to try something new.

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