Group Costumes for your Squad this Halloween

Coming up with an original Halloween costume for yourself is never an easy task. If you’re trying to save money and craft/thrift your way through Halloween, you often run the risk of people not recognizing you. On the flip side, official Harley Quinn costumes don’t come cheap. The easy workaround is to grab your squad, and come up with a group costume that everyone is sure to get! #StrengthInNumbers

1. Mystery Machine Gang

via: Uproxx

Throw it back to a classic with this squad costume! The best part? All you really need to do to look the part is match the colors of their outfits (seriously, who is going to question you as Velma and Daphne if you’re in an orange sweater and your bestie’s wearing a purple dress? It’s Halloween, not the Met Gala: Heavenly Bodies)

2. Britney Spears through the Years

via: Music del Momento

When else will you and your squad be able to show up dressed as an alien, a school girl, a snake tamer, and a ringmaster to the same party? This is your chance to combine the clothes you have, and come up with some fun outfits that celebrate a queen!

3. Baywatch

via: BBC

Everyone has a red bathing suit/bodysuit/pair of shorts/etc., so compile your ruby collection, and go for the timeless, sexy classic of a group of slow motion lifeguards!

4. Beanie Babies

via: Silent Mouth

This one is easy! Simply put on a onesie, and print out the TY logo to pin to your outfit. You will not regret braving the chilly fall evening in your cozy animal onesie that’s essentially like walking in a blanket!

5. Taylor Swift through the Years

via: PMC Hollywood Life

If T. Swizzle can call herself out on some of her most iconic looks, you can definitely take advantage of the variety she’s produced over the years! Whether your squad dresses all in black reminiscent of Bad Blood, or you choose separate looks like in Look What You Made Me Do, everyone will find something they like!

6. Decades 

via: SHS Roundtable

This is another easy one that allows for your friends to pick from clothes they already have and what they like! While dressing like a flapper or wearing a poodle skirt doesn’t seem too original, sticking with your squad and creating a timeline together will be sure to earn you compliments!

7. The Four Elements

via: Brian K. Oberlein

Whether you simply decide to dress based on the colors or you go all out, this is an easy DIY one for sure! Bonus if you add an Avatar twist on it and make it a bending look!

Whatever you decide, make sure you spend this Halloween with your squad!