Fun Ways to Enjoy the Spring Weather

The other day I was able to leave my room without a jacket and practically jumped for joy. As someone who hates the cold, the first signs of spring always put me in a great mood. Finally, no more huddling in my dorm room with a thick blanket; I can go outside and enjoy the sun. Spending time outside and getting some fresh air is so important, especially with the stress that comes with attending a top school. This spring make sure to take care of yourself by relishing the beautiful North Carolina weather. Here are some of my favorite to get active outside in the upcoming months.

Go to the Durham Farmer’s Market

This is one of my favorite parts of living in Durham; the year-round Farmer’s Market conveniently located downtown is the perfect way to spend a Saturday morning. You can buy fresh ingredients from the outdoor stands or enjoy brunch at a food truck.

Study in the Gardens

During my entire first year, I never took advantage of the beautiful gardens and I really regret it. Sitting outside surrounded by flowers can make even the most monotonous homework seem interesting.

Take a hike

There are a surprising amount of good hiking trails near campus. I recommend visiting the Eno State Park or talking a walk around the Washington Duke trail. In addition to viewing some gorgeous scenery, you’ll also be able to get a workout in.

Sit Outside 

Many cafes in Durham have great outdoor seating areas that are wonderful for enjoying a meal with friends or simply doing homework. I love sitting in the outdoor areas at Mad Hatter’s or Parker and Otis.

Run around East Campus

Why run on a treadmill in the gym when you could exercise outside? The path around East Campus is a wonderful resource; it’s not too long or hilly, so even the most inexperienced runners can utilize it.

You can only spend so much time inside classrooms and dorms until you start to get stir crazy. This spring, make an effort to go outdoors and take advantage of Durham’s sunny days.