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Everything You Need to Have the Perfect Spring Break

Spring Break—it’s what we’ve all been waiting for. It’s why we’ve been putting in long hours at Perkins, actually waking up for our 8:45s, and even skipping out on Wednesday Night Shooters. We’ve been preparing everything so that we could have the perfect spring break, and now it’s here, but is doing homework ahead of time enough? What about the actual break? For those of you like me who didn’t have time to pack until two hours before the plane took off, packing is stressful. Clothes are easy—simply pack your entire summer wardrobe. However, you need more than clothes, but what else? The amazing sponsors of Her Campus knew exactly what we needed.

After spending all of that hard earned cash on travel, realizing food is a necessity can be a bit stressful. That’s where Chipotle comes in. Her Campus donated bogo burrito cards because they understand that, first, college students love Chipotle, and second, college students need free burritos. Her Campus didn’t stop there. Luna also donated us mini bars because they get that on the road, sometimes you just need a snack. Sabre also understands that sometimes the road can be a scary place. They got us covered with their wonderful, hot pink pepper spray that allows for stylish security. Moreover, who wants to carry 30 ounces of shampoo and conditioner for a week-long trip? Not Your Mother’s Hair Care knows that luggage has limited space and generously donated travel sized hair care for our convenience.


You would think that Her Campus’s sponsors would stop there, but no. They understand that it’s not just about the journey, but the destination as well. It’s time for bikinis and sunglasses, but it’s easy to forget to shave before leaving. Completely Bare donated small wax kits that are easy to carry anywhere and keep bikini lines bare. Plus, Her Campus donated sunglasses because who doesn’t want to rock hot pink and black on the beach? However, sitting on the beach can get boring sometimes, but not with Simon and Schuster’s Dirty Rush by Taylor Bell and Shane Kuhn’s The Intern’s Handbook. Both books allowed for some relaxation and laughter, a refreshing change from Duke’s typical readings. Speaking of refreshing, is there anything worse than having a nice cold drink get sand stuck all over it? Her Campus already thought this through and gave us adorable koozies to protect our sweating bottles.

If there’s anyone who knows how to treat Duke’s Spring Breakers, it’s Her Campus. From their pens and stickers, to all of the amazing gifts from their sponsors, I know my spring break would not have been nearly as perfect without them! So thanks Her Campus, for all that you do. We love you!!!

I am a senior at Duke University studying psychology and history, and I have been writing with Her Campus since I was a freshman. Having this incredible community of empowering women to build me up when I need support and to give me an outlet when I need to vent has been one of the greatest aspects of my Duke career! I am so sad to leave them soon, but I am excited to pursue my J.D. at Georgetown in the fall!
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