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Procrastinating in these snow days? Want to change around your apartment or dorm room? Try these simple DIY projects for your walls, no paint required so don’t worry about the mess!

DIY String Heart:

Photo Frame Jars:

1. Find glass jars and bottles of different sizes and shapes

2. Scrub off the labels with warm water and soap (may require soaking overnight). Dry the jars properly!

3. Trim photos to fit into the jars by rolling the photos and insert them into the jar. Put the photo in so that it sits properly in an upside down jar.

4. Putting photos into glass bottles is a bit more tricky. For this you will need to roll the photos into a very skinny roll and gently squeeze them through the bottleneck. The photo will spread open inside the bottle. Use a long cotton swab to move around the photo inside the bottle to align it nicely.

5. For some added flair wrap the jar tops and necks with ribbons, or even decorate with glitter!

(Instructions from http://iliketodecorate.com/photo-frame-jars/)

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