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College as Told by Drake and Josh

No one can deny that Drake and Josh was one of the most iconic shows of our childhood.  While I think that just about anybody would love to see a sequel that shows the brothers in college, it was already so applicable to college in so many ways.  Here’s just a few of them.

1.     When you want to buy something, but then remember that you’re broke.


2.     When your friend is trying to impress somebody, but you know that they’re completely full of crap.


3.     To all of the professors that assign homework over a break.


4.     That friend that always likes to bring up the most embarrassing parts of your life in public.


5.     The moocher that, even though they deny it, you know ate your last cup of Easy Mac.

6.     Who you want to be in your classes versus who you are. 

7.     When you want food but West Union is just too far from your room.


8.     When all of your midterms fall at once and you realize that it isn’t syllabus week anymore.


9.     Always tracking down the free food that is on campus, even if it means joining a club or two.


10.     When your professor rips into a paper that you know you could have put more effort into.

11.     When you realize that you are completely out of shape and get winded going up stairs.

Keep your head up, and you too will find a way!

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