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Campus Cutie: Kimberly Eddleman

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Duke chapter.

Class: 2018

Major: Pratt-Undecided

1. Are you lucky or unlucky and why?

Lucky—I’ve always been that kid who finds four-leaf clovers and wins prize drawings.

2. How would you survive a zombie apocalypse?

I would die.

3. If you were a Disney princess, who would you be and why?

Mulan because she actually knows what the crap she’s doing.

4. What about Duke surprised you?

Just how smart everyone here is. Everyone is so involved in research and labs—it’s truly amazing and intimidating at times.

5. Books or movies and why?

Books because I can design my own world, and experience that world at my own pace.

6. What makes you happy?


7. What upsets you?

Lack of food.

8. What crayon color describes you best?

White—sometimes I don’t stand out in the crowd, but I’m still useful and important, even if not on copy paper.

9. What’s your favorite continent and why?

South America because there are so many diverse and interesting cultures there. However, I also like Australia because it’s a continent and a country not to mention I wrote a killer report on it in 5th grade.

10. What are you looking forward to most about summer?

Duke Engage—I’m doing the Tucson and Chiapas program that works with border links to address issues along the border. I’ve always been passionate about this subject, so it’s really exciting to get to help out with this hands-on.

11. What home-cooked meal do you miss most?

My mom’s chili.

12. Why did you pick Duke?

It has a lot of opportunities and is an overall good fit for me in terms of balancing social and academic life.

13. What would you rather be doing on any given day?


I am a senior at Duke University studying psychology and history, and I have been writing with Her Campus since I was a freshman. Having this incredible community of empowering women to build me up when I need support and to give me an outlet when I need to vent has been one of the greatest aspects of my Duke career! I am so sad to leave them soon, but I am excited to pursue my J.D. at Georgetown in the fall!