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A (Broke) College Student’s Guide to Gift Giving

Ok, so it might be a little early to start thinking about Christmas shopping, but do you really want to be fighting tooth-and-nail with those other last-minute scramblers for gifts?  Between worrying about finals and next semester’s classes, do you really have the time to spend hours at the mall or scroll through an infinite number of online stores?  Whether it’s for that picky friend of yours or a distant relative whose name you don’t even know, here are five easy presents that are both affordable and practical.    

via: Hydroflask 


The weather’s getting colder.  It’s getting harder to wake up for those 8 A.M. classes.  Give the gift of portable coffee or tea to get those you love through the chilly drudgery. 

via: Shopify

Computer sleeve

We all have that one friend who loves to live on the edge—this is more for your peace of mind than theirs.

via: Urban Outfitters


Don’t choose anything too overstated; a simple necklace or some tasteful earrings will go a long way.

via: Shopify

Tote bag

Whoever receives this will look like a trendy hipster (in a good way), guaranteed. 

And finally, the classic:

via: Topshop

Cool socks

Because who doesn’t love keeping their feet warm AND stylish?

I am currently a Duke freshman. This is my first year writing for Her Campus. Hooray!
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