Adventures Across the Pond 7: 6 Things I Wish I Knew Before Studying Abroad in London

With my last week in London ahead of me I thought it would be cool to drop some knowledge on you guys:

1. TFL will take all your money

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When living in London you will become familiar with the Underground. No matter what, by the end of your study abroad experience you will know all the zones, which train to take and the old adage of staying behind the line. Being the main mode of transportation of many Londoners, the tube is very reliable and popular and you will also depend on it to move around the city. With that, keep in mind that fares add up. Buying an Ostey Card (similar to a GoDurham card) for £5 and the average trip being £2.40, you do rack up a bit of a bill, but it is worth it.

2. Exercise..?

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In all honesty, I never would have thought I would have walked this much in my life. Averaging 4 miles, there is no need to buy a gym membership just use your two legs.

3. It’s OK, Friends will Come


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Before going abroad I was sooo nervous about making friends. I honestly thought I forgot how to as I hadn't made them since freshman year, but if you stick to being yourself, the friends will come. Take it from me, I’ve found some good ones.

4. Jetlag (The real threat to mankind)

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I really don’t wanna talk about it, but jetlag will ruin your life. I haven’t adjusted to the time difference and it’s been 3 MONTHS! Even at this moment, I am writing this at 4:57 am. My life is wrecked.

5. Delayed Homesickness


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This one is a weird one but it actually happens. I am the type of person who never gets homesick and I thought study abroad would be the same thing. For the first few weeks, I was fine but something hit me after Thanksgiving. When the Christmas season began and Deck the Halls began to play in the mall, I began to miss my mommy.

6. Finals aren't less stressful here


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As I write this I have 3 3,000 word essays due and a final in two days. To say the least, I’m stressed right now but I know after this week I will be back to normal. I have to keep my spirits up though because Christmas is coming soon!!