5 Worthwhile Daily Emails

With the constant stream of emails from all of those clubs you signed up for during the activity fair, getting even more emails may seem like the last thing you want. However, if you sign up for the right email lists, your inbox could soon be full of everything from business interview questions to puppies. That’s right, puppies.

1. The Skimm

If you’re not already signed up for this one-stop, witty newsletter, make it a priority. It is an easy way to stay up to date on top news stories and the content is delivered in an accessible and humorous style. Check out their blurb connecting two of the greatest things ever: Duke basketball and Mean Girls.

2. Morning Brew

Geared toward young professionals, Morning Brew is a quick and easy way to keep track of what’s going on in business. This newsletter features “Market Corner” and “Water Cooler” sections among others, and its “Interview Question of the Day” is a perfect way to start prepping for the future. 

3. NoshOn.It

Still hungry for more emails? NoshOn.It sends you daily recipes from top chefs, as well as an expert cooking tip. You can even select the editions you want to receive, which includes options like “Sweets and Treats” and “Gluten-Free.” 

4. The SportsQuip

Although it is a once-weekly email rather than daily, The SportsQuip is on this list because it was started recently by three Duke alumnae! It’s a perfect source for news and stories, whether you already love sports, or if you just want enough background to join the conversation. 

5. Buzzfeed

Finally, Buzzfeed is good for more than just finding out what type of kitchen appliance you are. They also have a newsletter that has the sole purpose of sending you a picture of a dog, every day. Digital media at its finest.