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5 Relaxing Things To Do When This Semester (or Any Semester) Is Too Much


1. Paint/Draw/Color

Let your creativity soar and your mind wander to places other than your homework! Taking some time to create or color some art can really help take your mind off of things. It always helps me when I need a good get out of my head moment.

2. Watch TV/Movies

Escaping to a different place can be very refreshing. If you’re needing some good vibes, pull up your old favorites. If you feel like you just need to forget, pull up your super complicated fantasy show or a reality show. Whatever works for you and takes your mind off of things. Also know there are options if you are too busy but want to watch something. Watch a short TV episode while you eat dinner or if you can focus enough, do some easy work while watching a longer episode or movie.

3. Do a puzzle

Whether you have your hand on a physical puzzle or you want to try online puzzles or printed games, challenge your brain in a fun and low commitment way. You can do logic problems, sudoku, ultimate tic tac toe or anything else that makes you think but still have fun. I personally love logic problems because I feel like I am solving a crime and it is so satisfying to flip to the back of the book and see your answer is correct.

4. Read

If you love reading your textbook, go for it. But if you like to read anything else be it non-fiction, fantasy, or romance, take some time to read it. You can read for fun and also finish all of your schoolwork. Maybe make it a reward for finishing homework you are dreading.  I work for an hour and 15 minutes and then give myself a 15 minute break to read my fun book. Take some practice to put it down to start work again, so just keep trying!

5. Always make time for what you love!

This is the most important out of any of the things listed here. Things that you love make you happy and if you do not make time for it, you are denying yourself perfectly nice happiness. Even with school, there should always be time for you to just be you and take a nap, or read a book, or play some games, or bake that pie you love. You can do what you want, while still doing what you need for class. Carve out time in your schedule however often you need or can manage to just focus on yourself.


I'm a junior from Greensboro, North Carolina. I'm a Psychology major and Creative Writing minor. My two favorite music genres are pop and country. I enjoy drawing and painting when I find the time and the inspiration. I love reading about love and writing anything except essays. I have way too much perfume, and I watch way too many TV shows and movies.
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