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5 Reasons to Love Duke This Week

There may be a lot of things you’d like to change about Duke every now and then, but sometimes it’s important for our state of mind to focus on the positives. So for one minute, put the Debby Downer/Negative Nancy persona away, and let’s talk about why it’s great to be at Duke right now.

1. The New Au Bon Pain

Dubbed “ABP” by its regulars (i.e me), this new on campus eatery has revived the Duke Dining reputation. The brighter walls of the BC make for an inviting place to sit, eat and/or study (you can find me there any day of the week). Be wary though, noise levels tend to escalate toward lunchtime!
Custom order salads and sandwiches are a must, and their soup selection puts the Marketplace to shame. My personal favourite is the breakfast selection (whoever decided to include the 2 Egg sandwich is a genius).
In sum, ABP is awesome.

2. Duke’s #8 Ranking

So we all knew Duke was impressive, but now, it’s more impressive than before—moving up in the US News rankings from 10 to number 8. This brings the University up to par with UPenn and above CIT, not bad right? 
In sum, we’re awesome. 

3. The Weather
This past week has been ah-mazing (barring yesterday’s tropical thunder storm…). The sun is out, there’s a slight breeze and the humidity level has dropped dramatically to a way more comfortable percentage. This weather is perfect for lounging by the pool, picnicking in the gardens and general frolicking on main quad. It even makes the temperature level inside Shooters slightly bearable (slightly).
In sum, the weather is awesome.

4. No Duke Scandal this whole semester! 
Okay, so it’s only been one month into Fall 2012—but for once, it’s good to be in the spotlight for our accomplishments rather than our momentary lapses in judgment. We’re out of the proverbial naughty corner and ready to impress rather than distress the administration (see what I did there?).
In sum, no scandals are awesome.

5. Tailgate 2.0
While it’s probably a far cry from the beer-drenched, tutu-heavy tailgate of two years ago, at least it’s something! Knowing Duke students, as long as we’re all together in one place, allowed to wear crazy costumes—we can make it fun. 
In sum, tailgate 2.0 is awesome.

So there you have it. Seniors, stop worrying about that job search, juniors, stop worrying about the dreaded summer internships and underclassmen, put those textbooks away and for one minute focus on how fortunate you are to be here. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for being cynical, and after reading this article feel free to be as whiny as necessary— but sometimes it’s good to focus on the good. In sum, right now, Duke is awesome. 

Photo Credit: Corinne Merriman (ABP photos)

Sabrina is a Junior at Duke University, and is double majoring in English and Public Policy. A born and bred South African, Sabrina has traveled to the USA to pursue her higher education. As well as being a member of the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority, Sabrina is also Assistant Vice President for Recruitment for the Panhellenic Association at Duke. Sabrina has written for Duke's daily newspaper, The Chronicle and Duke's fashion magazine, FORM. After graduating, she hopes to attend law school preferably in her favourite city, New York. In her spare time, Sabrina vegges out to various fashion blogs, mindless TV (Pretty Little Liars anyone?) and online shopping (which borders on an addiction). If you manage to catch her in an energetic mood, she's probably on her way to cardiodance (or to the nearest mall).
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