Zac Efron IS Ted Bundy


To fuel procrastination fires (how is it possibly Week 5?!), Netlifx is the devil on your shoulder, beckoning you to watch its new content instead of studying for that midterm…

I have sold my soul to the devil.

Netflix’s Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Files focuses on the life of one of America’s most notorious serial killers. Theodore Bundy is not only famous for the number of victims he killed (he confessed to thirty-six) but for his seemingly kind persona and fairly normal family life that diverges from most profiles of serial killers. The five, hour-plus-long episodes feature interviews from one survivor, journalists, law enforcement, and former friends of Bundy as well as recordings from the tapes when journalist Stephen G. Michaud interviewed Bundy. Also interesting to note, Bundy murdered nurse Caryn Campbell in Aspen, was captured, later escaped, and was only found seven days later. Think of that during your next Aspen ski weekend!

Aligning with the thirtieth anniversary of Bundy’s execution, COTA Films released Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile (a quote from the Judge Edward D. Cowart’s sentencing of Bundy) for the Sundance Film Festival starring Zac Efron. While reviews have been mixed, I think the costumers, makeup artists, and Zac Efron’s own parents deserve awards because after watching The Ted Bundy Files…

Zac Efron IS Ted Bundy!


Former law enforcement officers agree in Netflix’s documentary that Bundy was so hard to capture because he had a versatile face, and he could change his appearance quite easily.


Ted Bundy’s name has eight does Zac Efron.

There has been controversy surrounding the film, some wondering if it humanizes a horrible killer while others say the trailer and subsequent film accurately portray the good looks and normalcy that Bundy used to lure his victims.


Regardless, please enjoy this excellent theatre artistry.


And remember, Ted Bundy isn’t the only famous “Ted” killer.