Your Fall Survival Kit

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

The quarter has been a total whirlwind so far. While we at Her Campus DU are clinging to our GPAs for dear life, we need to relax somehow. A good way to survive the end of this quarter? Some of these fall-essentials! See what our girls think!


Our Own Buxom Babe

Bree gorgeously models BUXOM Cosmetics Big Tease™ Pumping Mascara. Here’s what she has to say about it:

"No need to use fake lashes because this mascara lengthens your lashes while making them look full and wispy. This mascara has good consistency and coverage. 5/5”

Snag your mascara here.


Let’s Get Krazy!

I stepped on my boyfriend’s earbuds by mistake and the cap popped off of them! I used Krazy Glue to fix them; it worked like a charm. The single-use size was incredibly handy in a pinch and easy to use. The pack comes with 4 single-use glues in a nice, travel-size plastic case. 5/5

Get your lifesaving Krazy Glue here!


Making it Bath & Body WORK

Clare tested out Bath & Body Works' Wallflower Fragrance Plugs and Wallflowers Fragrance Refills to spice up her bathroom space. Here’s what she thought:

"My suitemates and I’s bathroom smelled absolutely disgusting for absolutely no reason at all until we started using this plug in air freshener! It smells amazing, is perfect for a bathroom, and makes me want to buy more scents! 5/5”

These adorable floral plug-ins come in over 60 fun styles with tons of seasonal and year-round fragrances, find yours here!


Tans For Days

Photo by Abbey Dahlman

There’s no need to blend in with the snow this winter! Kate reviewed L’Oréal Paris’s Sublime Bronze Hydrating Self-Tanning Milk!

"Loreal’s Sublime Bronze was a decent drugstore self-tanner, for a decent price. I did notice some transfer both onto the hand I applied the tanner with, and my other arm which I was not testing. It did darken on my dryer areas (i.e.. elbows and knuckles,) and faded unevenly over time. The tanner itself wasn’t orange, even on my deathly pale skin, and while it wasn’t particularly long lasting, the packaging does say to reapply 3x a week. All in all, it smelled good, it didn’t streak very badly, and it didn’t get on my sheets (that I know of, they are a rather dark color, so if yours are white beware.) 7/10. Click here to become Sublime Bronze.


Need a Quick Bite?

These bars are incredibly tasty and perfect for an on-the-go snack! I’m pretty bad at waking up in a timely manner for my 8 am, and the Garden of Life bars have saved my life. The maple sea salt has a hearty flavor that fills you up, while the chocolate sea salt is rich and tasty. Plus, I love that its made with organic ingredients with only 230 calories per bar! I highly recommend! 5/5

You can find the tasty, healthy Chocolate Sea Salt GōL Bars and Maple Sea Salt GōL Bars here. Don’t go hungry, go for the GOL!


Safety First

Unfortunately, the world isn’t always the safest place to be, especially for young women in college. Sabre is working to make things a little more secure for you! This is the Personal Alarm with Clip & LED Light, and here’s what Julia has to say about it:

"The Sabre LED Personal Alarm features an LED flashlight, a slow blinking flash, and a fast blinking flash. This personal alarm emits a loud, alarming sound (120 dB) that can be heard 600 feet away at the push of a button. Walking with the personal alarm made me feel a lot safer walking alone, as a girl, at night time. It was comforting to know I have the ability to sound the alarm at just a push of a button. It also made me feel a bit anxious that it would accidentally go off in my pocket - yes I found women’s pants with pockets. The flashlight on the alarm was quite useless and it didn’t help me see in the dark any better. It is convenient that there is a flashlight attached to the alarm, however, I wish it was much brighter. I ended up using the flashlight on my phone like I usually do. 4/5”

Julia also reviewed Sabre’s Drink Test Kit:

"The Sabre Drink Test Kit includes five test strips that test for GHB and ketamine in alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. The kit is very easy to use. You simply put a drop of your drink on the test strip. If the strip turns a dark blue color it means the drink has been spiked by one of these common date rape drugs. Although it does effectively detect these drugs it can also show false positives. It will show a false positive when a drink has blue dye in it. I don’t think I would realistically use this at a party even though my drink could be spiked. I wish this product was smaller, more discreet, and didn’t give false positives. 3/5”

You can find these products and more on Sabre’s website!


Washing Off Makeup Has Never Been Easier

Our gorgeous CC, Claire, tried out Garnier’s Micellar Cleansing Water and loved it!

“The most exciting part about this cleanser is that it DOESN’T burn. I was a little skeptical at first because how could a tiny bottle compete with my fab Fenty foundation and UD setting spray? But it took not only my face makeup off but my eye makeup off, too. AND IT DIDN’T BURN. I’m a fan. Only downside: it took me 9 cotton balls to get my face completely makeup-free and showin’ my stressed Week 8 skin.”

Get your non-burning makeup remover here!!


Put That S**t on Everything!

Need something to spice up that dining hall food? Olivia has a suggestion!

“If you know anything about dining hall food in college, you would know that it’s generally pretty bland and generic. These packets of hot sauce added the perfect ‘kick’ to my dinner of plain rice and chicken. I definitely recommend Frank’s! 5/5”

The hot sauce comes in a variety of flavors. Find your favorite flavor here!


Silky Smooth

Want luxuriously smooth skin? Kendall has a recommendation:

“Skintimate 2-in-1 shaving cream and skin conditioner is one of my favorite shaving creams available on the market. My favorite part about this cream is it doesn’t foam (it has a lotion-like consistency) so it spreads more evenly along the skin and better prevents razor burn and bumps after shaving, as well as small cuts. One of the greatest parts about it is the packaging – every regular can of this shaving cream is rust proof, so you don’t have to worry about keeping it in your shower all of the time. Overall, this is a very practical, fun, girly, and easy-to-use shaving cream for women! 5/5"

Find your silky-smoothness here!


Katy Perry is Back… With Perfume!

MaryRose tested out Katy Perry’s new perfume, INDI, and here’s what she thinks:

"Generally I feel like celebrity perfumes aren’t the greatest. Indi by Katy Perry is good, but I do feel like it smells like every other perfume. Don’t get me wrong, it smells nice, but you can probably find something very similar if you don’t want to spend a lot of money and don’t care about the label. The packaging is nice and chic though. 3/5"

Wanna try it yourself? Find INDI here.


Whether you're feelin' fall or are ready for Winter Break, these products are sure to make this szn a fab time!