Yet Another Spring Playlist

We’re in that weird “summer” time when all our semester friends are done for the school year and we’re still camped out in the AAC scrambling to finish those papers before the last wave of exams. It’s rough, I know but the one thing we all have in common is the headphones blasting beats to bump while we cram. We at Her Campus DU have got some suggestions for you to consider for your spring or summer playlists, or just to shake up finals season.

Each of these songs brings about a different vibe but compliment each other pretty well. The best part of this mix is that it’s a mix! We’ve got a variety of emotions and feelings rolled into one, easy Spotify playlist.

I really dug deep into the depths of my Spotify this season as I cleaned out some old playlists – it’s still a work in progress, no one is perfect, but we’re trying here, nonetheless. So, my friends, have a fun music mix that motivates our mission to finish out this quarter with gusto!

Another Spring Playlist 

1. Fineshrine - Purity Ring 

I found this electro-pop song at the end of an episode of Letterkenny (which is a wonderful recommendation if you enjoy quippy Canadian satire) and proceeded to Google the song frantically until I found a title. And then I proceeded to jam to it for a few hours. Yes, I love it that much. The lyrics leave an aftertaste of regret and hope and this dichotomy fills the silence between each downbeat. This is a big move in 2019, enough to start on this note. 

2. Accusations - 070 Shake

Spotify popped this song into my life a few months ago, and I have to say, it holds me in rapture. 070 Shake is dope and so are other songs of hers, and she's been featured and worked with other artists such as Kanye and Nas. This song is my alarm in the mornings, so you know it's chill enough to wake up to. 

3. I'm Only Joking - KONGOS

KONGOS are making a comeback, and if they aren’t they should. This song reminds me of the Jonas Brothers cover of I Wanna Be Like You from the Jungle Book. The lyrics deserve a thorough listen through, and the entire dissonance arises from the bizarre lyrics, not unlike Northern Downpour by Panic! at the Disco.

4. Darts of Pleasure - Franz Ferdinand

A bit outdated, but still relevant; a forgotten classic from the early 2000s British Indie Rock scene. Layered with some guitar riffs that I didn’t even realize I was missing in my life. Alex Kapranos has the smoothest vocals this side of George Ezra, and I think he should be acknowledged more often. This song is not fully unlike the others, but I think it lets out a hint of aggression 

5. Ups and Downs - KYLE 

KYLE is having a hard time, and everything is a lot of up and down, and girl if that ain't the vibe for finals. And spring quarter as a whole. He acknowledges how rough things are but still pumps us up. This may be the most motivational track on here, slick and stylish which a few switch-ups that keep the mood light and poppin'. 

6. Hey Julie! (feat. Lil Yachty) - KYLE

This song is a well and total bop. KYLE and Lil Yachty (that’s a layup) compliment each other (and Julie) that layers well on repeat, trust me on this one. I was trying to decide between the two KYLE songs, but I reconsidered. Why not both when they're both bops? 

7. Practice - Taizu

Sometimes we need a sprinkle of real rhymes and Taizu spits some verses that you just can’t ignore. It’s empowering and hype and savage, all the necessary criteria to make my cut. Very underrated but should be blasting from everyone's cars as soon as school let's out. Or maybe just mine. 

8. Jonestown (Interlude) - Post Malone 

This haunting tune is deposited in the middle of this mix as a sort of palette cleanser shake-up. Dark themes, and even more brooding voice, Post Malone reminds us he can still bring it, in the most subtle and underrated way. Another good Posty song (my absolute favorite!) is Leave – it leaves me invigorated, especially after singing it loudly in the shower. 

9. Call Out My Name A Cappella - The Weeknd

We can all acknowledge that the Weeknd’s voice is angelic. Now, focus entirely on his voice. Is it still angelic or just ethereal? This song brings out the real echoes of silence… there’s not much to be said, just listened to.

10. Sing to You - John Splithoff

The first time I heard this song, it was by a live cover band in Fiji. So, this song has a special place in my heart. A good love song or two is necessary to round out a good playlist, so come a little closer and let him whisper to you.

11. Scotland - The Lumineers 

The eerie harmony of cello and vocals that culminate in a rebellious bridge… reminiscent of Outlander and the Scottish highlands. The Lumineers reputation precedes them, and if you’re a new listener, there’s little doubt in my mind that this song will convert you to the fan club. There are layers here that can be unpacked, but I’m more interested in belting this out while stuck in traffic.

12. Celeste - Ezra Vine 

Upbeat and sweet, this is the song to beat! It’s got it all; the search for a manic pixie dream girl and a ukulele, what more do you need? Almost cherubic in nature, this song never fails to bring a smile to my face as soon as the first riff hits my ears. 

13. Vide Noir - Lord Huron 

It is week 9, finals are almost upon us, and in this case, the twang of the sitar in the background revives my Bollywood loving soul. A bit existential but in the wake of week 10 of spring quarter, I think it encapsulates the despair from sleepless nights and bright library lights. It remains upbeat with a hint of a nostalgic evergreen vibe.

14. 1950 - King Princess

For my Billie Eilish fans out there, King Princess has a luscious voice that riffs just beautifully. Empowering and haunting, she is the sorceress I could never be.

15. Lay and Be Lonely - Shy Girls 

An alternative jam that soothes your spirit while stirring up your motivation. The song lulls you into a false sense of productivity but you’re gonna find yourself zoning out and listening to the lyrics sweep over you.

16. Wetsuit - The Vaccines 

This song brings out the darkness in the dawn. It’s a song for the days that the clouds are dark and the air smells like rain. Those heavy evenings that seems so still, but there’s something brewing in the skies. An evening surf right as the sun begins to dip into the horizon. This song has been close to my heart for a few years now and I couldn't resist tossing it into the mix. 

17. Dinner and Diatribes - Hozier 

No warm weather musical compilation is complete without the forest nymph himself, Hozier. He’s back and the Hoziest he’s ever been. This entire playlist could have just been Hozier, but I settled on Dinner and Diatribes for two major reasons. There’s a hint of urgency within the bassline, but the lyrics remind me that summer is so close to my grasp. Just out of reach. Finals are here my friends, let Hozier remind you of your inner strength. 

18. Repetto X Mosaert - Stromae 

I understand, sometimes words are distracting or lyrics just don’t cut it. That’s where Stromae bops in with his collab piece with Repetto. We have a twist on classical Mozart that enhances our cerebral activity, but a bass that ebbs and flows in classic Stromae fashion. And, if non-English bops are necessary for your productivity, feel free to check out more if his music (he even did a song with Kanye if that’s your flex)! 


So this is Another Spring Playlist, here for your listening pleasure. Happy studying my friends!