Why Bendy is Your New Favorite Spooky Game

It’s Halloween season, which means candy corn, costumes, and horror movies! One step further from watching horror movies is immersing yourself in the experience with horror video games.


I’m not a fan of gore and blood in anything, but I love spooky movies and games. As you can imagine, this limits my selection by a lot. Luckily, I found a game that is super scary but doesn’t make me wanna vomit.


Enter Bendy and the Ink Machine (BAIMT), a game by theMeatly that first came out in 2017. It’s a fantastic game, so fantastic that I dressed up as one of the characters, Alice Angel, for this Halloween!

I think I did a pretty good job!


And how perfect are these shoes?!

Okay, okay, I’m getting distracted. Can you tell I’m pretty jazzed about my costume?

Anyway, the game is told in episodes. The first one came out February 10th, 2017, and the most recent episode “Chapter Five: The Last Reel” came out last Friday. No spoilers, please! I’m still on episode 3 because I’m a scaredy-cat.

The story follows protagonist Henry Stein, who’s been asked to revisit his old friend and coworker, Joey Drew, at the animation studio they used to work at together. A lot has changed since Henry worked at the studio, as he quickly comes to find out, and probably not for the best.

The game has a first-person perspective and has an amazing art style. The entire thing plays on it being a 1920s animation studio, from the furniture looking like it was sketched in ink to the pie-eyed cartoon characters that often make appearances in the game.

The Ink Machine

As you explore the studio, you quickly find that Joey Drew might have been into some cult-like practices and summoning behavior. Occasionally, you find tape recordings from people who used to work there but are now nowhere to be found, adding to the ominous ambiance.


A tape recording of Sammy, the studio musical director and Bendy disciple

Pictured above is a cardboard cutout of the titular character, Bendy. He’s the star of the cartoons the studio used to create. Often nicknamed “The Little Devil,” he’s pretty cute… until he’s a giant ink monster that’s trying to kill you and the center of sacrificial altars. It gets better: he’s a giant ink monster that’s periodically chasing Henry throughout the game and trying to kill him.

One of the Bendy cardboard cutouts, which have a habit of moving when you’re not watching

There’s a feeling of isolation in the game as Henry explores this haunted and seemingly abandoned studio. Then you find Boris, a benevolent wolf from the cartoon… who’s now alive and sentient. Unlike the terrifying Bendy, Boris is a friend and saves Henry more than once.

Boris, a wholesome and trustworthy friend

Another character that’s come alive is Alice Angel! Half angel, half demon, she appears to have been designed in the original cartoon as a love interest. It’s difficult to say whether she’s friend or foe, but she mostly seems to be an ally in the game. Again, I haven’t gotten far in BATIM, but I love Alice Angel. Remember her cute cartoon rendering above? Here’s what she looks like come to life:

I love her

This is an awesome game, and I highly, highly recommend playing it this Halloween season. Beware: it’s pretty spooky!