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Recently, I have been thinking about what exactly goes into the beauty products I’ve chosen to use. I’ve always tried to buy products that haven’t been tested on animals, use a limited amount of chemicals, and ones that are organic. I may not be perfect, but I always try to read the ingredients featured on the label before putting a new beauty product on my face. So, why don’t I think the same way about what I’m choosing to use during my period? 

Scrolling through Facebook last week, I came across an ad for a tampon company called LOLA. Usually, when I see tampon ads, they consist of a group of girls running across a field, laughing and happy. These Tampax and Kotex ads always seemed so fake to me, and like big corporations who are unbearably disconnected from their audience. If you really think about it, an executive board at a multi-billion-dollar corporation is making all of the decisions about the ingredients going into their tampons. 

LOLA could not be farther from the practices of most major tampon producers. Here’s why you should consider switching over to LOLA! 

LOLA is a company co-founded by two women who are passionate about women’s health and beauty. By women, for women! 
They also strive to aid other women in need by donating over 100,000 of their products to women across the United States. 

“Since launch, we’ve donated 100,000 feminine care products to low-income women and girls across the U.S.”

LOLA is super convenient to use, because it is a subscription box! That means you have more of a decision going into your purchase. 

P.S. they offer free standard shipping on all orders! 

Their product also come in a variety of affordable packages, such as a box of 12 count pads for $9 or a box of applicator tampons for $10. 

Their website promotes sexual wellness and education! 

On the main shopping website, you can click on the “The Broadcast” in the top right corner, and you’ll be redirected to articles about sex, menstrual health, pregnancy, and wellness.

Check out LOLA today! 

Website: www.mylola.com

Instagram: @lola

Facebook: @lola

Twitter: @mylolatweet

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