What is Womanism?

Historically, the movement of feminism has been focused on issues affecting white women with general disregard to the marginalization and lives of women of color and trans women. It may seem silly to have different names and movements; however, distinguishing a movement that focuses on women of color, specifically black women, is a wonderful tool not only for political issues but also personal growth and community. Below are resources from secondary and primary sources that have focuses on the movement of womanism. 

  1. 1. Where did this term originate?

  2. 2. How is this different that feminism? 

  3. 3. Why does it matter?

    If you identify with any group that suffers some form of oppression, asking this question is beyond ironic. Having movements, spaces and communities where people of marginalized identities can express themselves and relate through personal experiences that others outside of said identity cannot is unequivocally important- especially for black women. That is why this movement is so important.

  4. 4. More resources from better sources! 

    Clearly a white woman, there is an extent to which I can understand another identity that is not mine. Therefore, I suggest to look to other primary sources that have more personal validity and relation. 

    To start here are some options: 

    - Beyond the Movement has a wonderful PDF resource with more summaries of the topic, but even more useful, it is full of direction to primary sources such as twitter handles, sugested readings, and pioneer leaders. Download it here

    - Check out BlackFeminisms.com

    - Attend different lectures or panels on campus where leaders of this movement are speaking. 

    - Talk to your friends about the movement, and educate each other on terms and concepts like 'womanism', 'womanist', or 'womxnism' (a newer term used to be more gender inclusive).