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What Does Music Mean to Me? by Anastasia Vylegzhanina

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at DU chapter.

What is music? Is it art that brings you the beauty of sounds or it is a science where the author arranges sounds for listener’s ears? I am definitely not an expert to answer these questions, but I would like to briefly share my music experience and what place it takes in my daily life.

If someone works out every day, I bet they must have a specific playlist with energetic songs to listen to before beginning to exercise. I have a few different workout playlists, each one relating to a different activity, whether it is a morning run or biking through the park.

Truth be told, I cannot imagine being able to enjoy my exercise without listening to something. The music background serves as a personal motivator to keep going when I think I couldn’t take another step forward, especially during the cold winters. Energetic music is a magical elixir that gives me the power to push my physical boundaries.

On the other hand, classical music by musicians such as Mozart and Edvard Grieg is the best fuel for my brain when trying to be academically productive. To solidify my statement, there are other scientifically proven benefits of listening to classical music, such as improvement of memory, reduced blood pressure, and lowering levels of stress.

I encourage everyone to take advantage of the benefits provided by listening to classical music. When I have to finish an important paper within a couple of hours, my music choice is obviously simple: I grab my headphones and turn on a classical music playlist.

While being an artist, I need some level of inspiration to start a process of creation. Before taking a brush or pencil in my hand, I carefully choose a set of popular soundtracks from various movies or TV shows to combine or play one at a time. I agree, it might sound silly to do, but it is my way to get into an imaginary world in a matter of seconds. It is hard to tell what exact soundtracks will work as it depends on my mood and idea in my mind at the moment.

I do not attempt to come up with inspirational playlists ahead of needing inspiration for my art. I’ve never fully understand how people can listen to music all day long with small breaks in between listening. This seemingly extraordinary ability will remain a mystery to me forever. Otherwise, thanks to those “musical” people who are listening to music most of the time, I found that music is a perfect source of productivity and creativity for specific portions of my daily routine.