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Watch “Knock Down the House” No Matter Where Your Affiliations Lie

Knock Down the House is a film that brings you along the journey of four different women running in the 2018 congressional election. One woman is a bartender from the Bronx, one is the daughter of a West Virginia coal miner, another is a woman living in Nevada who lost her child, and the last woman works as a registered nurse in Missouri.

The director of the film, Rachel Lears, was able to convey the differences between each woman through childhood stories, interviews, and candid conversations with family members. She even began the film’s production the day after Trump won in 2016 with the goal of telling the stories of women who were running for congress who did not necessarily have a political career. Although Amy Viela, Paula Jean Swearengin, and Cori Bush did not win their elections, they still became successful change makers in their communities. They became public servants and refused to run in an election for fame or money and they wanted to accurately represent their community members and challenge the status quo. 

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez rises as the film’s main character and follows her successful campaign all the way until the end, where she ultimately beats long-standing congressional representative Joe Crowley. This documentary is great for anyone who is considering a career in politics or public service, because it shows the grueling steps that it takes to establish yourself in the public eye.

The story presented in this film is incredibly motivating and often inspires an overwhelming amount of emotions; in my case, I cried on two separate occasions because of how powerful these women displayed themselves on camera. I am so proud to be a woman, and felt very hopeful that a generation of young girls can also watch this film and realize their own potentials.         



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