Undergraduate Student Government Elections: An Inside Look with Jenni Trigilio

With student government elections coming up this week, HCDU got an inside look on where to receive information about the candidates! We asked Jenni Trigilio a few questions about the role of election commissioner and how to stay involved with USG elections this week. 

Elections commissioner, what exactly is this position and what do you enjoy about it?

This position is part of my role as Senate Affairs Committee Chairperson. I enjoy meeting new people and learning about their passion in student leadership and how they want to make a difference on campus. I also like coordinating and creating timelines, so this type of project management is appealing to me. 

Why are student elections important to you? 

Student elections are important to me because it provides undergrads an opportunity to choose who they want to be the faces of the student body. This is a very exciting time for candidates and other undergrads to work together and really shape the DU community through conversation, suggestions and teamwork.

With our own student elections coming up, how can students become more politically involved? 

USG doesn't associate itself with a particular political party; however, there are ways for undergrads to become more involved with the election season. During week 3, students will be campaigning all-around campus! [They will be] working diligently to communicate with the undergraduate student body the initiatives they want to see take place on campus during the 2019- 2020 academic year. There is also a forum in place of the presidential debate on Tuesday April, 16th where students are able to hear from the presidential ticket and ask questions and provide input as to what they want to see more of in the DU community.

What social media can DU students engage with to remain up-to-date with DU politics? 

Facebook: @USGatDU

Instagram @du_usg 

We film every senate meeting and Facebook live stream it, so check that out as well to stay up to date with what's happening on campus!