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Top 10 Cute and ~Affordable~ Swimsuits for Summer

Wanna look cute this on the beach this summer, but don't want to spend a million dollars? Us too! So here's Her Campus DU's top ten bathing suit styles - all for under 50 bucks!


1. Target: the new Holy Grail site for cheap and cute bathing suits. First? This Greece-inspired high neck top for $29.99. Matching bottom for $20

2. Or maybe you just want a hint of color? $34.99 

3. Also from Target: Aztec inspired push up top, great for busty girls! Top and bottom both $17.90.  

4. Victoria's Secret: the usually overpriced suits can actually be doable, like this essential halter top for $26.50. Bottoms from $20.00

5. Or this color blocked triangle duo: $18 for top and bottoms for $16. 

6. Asos: our friend from across the Atlantic also offers a variety of options, get this tye-dye set for a total $49.

7. Also from Asos: this high-waisted neon option. Top and bottom for $17.50 each.

8. $32.80 for this top and bottom palm tree set!

9. Or maybe you're more into neutrals? And Kylie Jenner look-alikes, $24.90 


10. Or maybe you're tall like myself and need some extra length. You too can be a beautiful summer cucumber for only $33.

Happy Swimming!!!

Elle Wagner is a sophmore this year at the Univesity of Denver and is a double major in International Relations and Communication Studies with a minor in French. She works as a model for Wilhelmina International and enjoys to travel, eat lots of cheesecake and spend time with her Dutch Family in Den Haag, Holland. She is super thrilled to be a writer for Her Campus and is always looking forward to the next piece she gets to write! HCXO 
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