Sweet Earth Foods: the Inside Scoop

Living with April is a fun and festive ride. She’s always up to something and I feel akin to Dr. Watson while she goes off on Sherlock-ian adventures. The new fun thing in our household is the Sweet Earth Foods boxes in the freezer. She announced one day that she was to be an Ambassador, and that was that: Sweet Earth arrived.

Now that we have furniture, we can sit vis-à-vis one another at the (new!) kitchen table. Over the evening lull, I sat her down and got the inside scoop on Sweet Earth Foods. Here’s what she had to say:

How did you get involved with Sweet Earth Foods? 

One day a Sweet Earth representative, Margie Leiva, reached out to me on Instagram asking if I was interested in becoming a campus ambassador at DU. I wasn’t sure about the legit-ness of her inquiry, so I asked for further details. After talking with her, I realized this was a real food company looking to expand their presence in the consumer world. I applied to become an ambassador and received confirmation within a few days.

What draws you to this company?

For me, this company represents a few ways all companies should begin orienting themselves. This includes production sustainability, support of local farmers, and providing clean and organic meals to people. I felt drawn to the company as someone who feels these are important factors companies need to consider, especially those in the food and dining industry.

Can you recommend some of your favorite products? 

Since I’m new to this company I haven’t been able to try out everything, but a few favorites so far have been the Protein Lover’s Pizza, Aloha BBQ Quesadilla, and the Benevolent Bacon on top of the 5 Herb Cheese Lover’s.

What is it like being an influencer on campus?

Being an influencer is pretty simple and fun! I try to talk about the product if it comes up naturally in conversations about new foods to try out or new vegetarian/vegan food options out there. It’s also fun creating social media posts and hosting giveaways yourself, which I’ve only experienced through helping with HCDU giveaways. Plus, all the free swag is super cool!

How has being a Sweet Earth Ambassador changed your outlook on what you eat?

Being an ambassador has made me more self-conscious about my food choices for sure. I try to stay away from red meat and be mindful of my purchases; however, sometimes it’s hard when the food doesn’t taste good or is expensive to buy it continuously. But this food was so freaking delicious and reasonably priced with most items costing around $3-$8. I have great hope for more sustainable endeavors in the future and a new source of sustainable food now!

Where can I get some sweet Sweet Earth Foods grub?

I see what you did there and I like it. You can buy some sweet food at your local Target or Sprouts, and if you are in doubt, you can check out their website for locations near you!