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Spring Break Mission Accomplished

Here is your official guide to a trip of seven days, seven states, 3,751 miles, and millions of memories. 

If you're looking for great ideas for cross country road trips check out ours for inspiration! Also beware of hidden fees, we came across a few we were not expecting at all, but most of them were totally worth it! 

Beautiful mountain passes from Colorado through Wyoming to Utah to Idaho to Oregon. 

The Wyoming sunset was breathtaking, and better yet priceless! 


Food carts, Japanese Rose Gardens, Multnomah Falls, and Silver Falls in and around Portland! 

So many options, this is an entire city block full of food carts of different regions from Greek, to Polish, to Egyptian, and Korean. Also, check out Powells Bookstore while you're in the area! It is one of the biggest bookstores we had ever been in, absolutely a dream come true. 

The Japanese Rose Gardens, only a $2.00 or so to park for three hours! Well worth it, just be sure (as like everywhere in a city, and in this case Portland) to keep a pouch full of quarters for the meters! 

Multnomah falls is totally free, no cost to park, no cost to climb! To the top of the waterfall itself is about an hour hike on paved switchbacks. There are also many more waterfalls and hiking paths up to the top of the mountain free of charge as well! I would highly reccommend climing to the top if you can, we did and it was phenomenal. 

North Falls at Silver Falls National Park! $5.00 day pass for the entire car! A reall great deal, see over 20 waterfalls over about a 12 mile hike!

Next Stop: California

Newport Beach! Parking is a few dollars but its worth it! If you want the party and iconic movie scene, I recommend Newport. If you want a quieter beach with less people and more time to play in the water, try Huntington beach which is very close by (also pay for parking). Its about $10.00 to rent a boogie board for the day and about $40.00 for surfing lessons at either place-- bring on the beach babes! 


Grand Canyon adventures! BEWARE we were surprised with the $30.00 park fee necessary to get in at the South Rim. It includes access to the entire national park for seven days but can be a bit of a surprise since it is not popularly advertized. However, there are museums, ancient ruins, and lots of things to do within the park, including hiking, camping, and catching tours! 

Molly is from Salina, Kansas and is a second year at the University of Denver. She is currently an International Studies and French major. When Molly isn't writing for HC, she is working as a swim instructor for a private company teaching little kiddos! If she's not working she loves hanging out at Kaladi Brothers Coffee, or thrifting at local thrift shops. Molly is involved in humanitarian organizations and the french club on campus! Molly's motto is, "Follow your arrow no matter where it points". 
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