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Someone Interesting I Met in College- Do I Count?

Our theme this week at Her Campus DU was ‘Who is Someone Interesting You’ve Met During College”. Of course, upon original reflection, I had quite a few answers. Perhaps it was some of my incredibly creative friends from Philly when I went to Temple University my freshman year. Or maybe it was my Sophomore year roommate here at DU, who only listened to heavy metal but deep down, had one of the kindest hearts. I could even mention some of my best friends that I met this year- they came out of nowhere and now we spend every weekend planning something new (COVID friendly of course). 

After all of this reflection of the past 3.5 years and at the risk of sounding oh-so-very self-centered, I came to the conclusion that one of the most interesting people I have met at college is myself. Let me tell you why, before you think I am egocentric. 

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When I began college, I never knew that it would go as it did. Of course, most people say this about university when they talk about the times they had with the crazy people they met. For me, I expected to choose one school and be there for 4 years. I expected to find a friend group right away and stick with it throughout my college journey. I thought that I would live in a huge beat-up house with all of my friends, just like my mom described her college experience. 

I am from Minnesota, I went to school in Philly my Freshman year. I transferred to DU for my Sophomore year and then enrolled in an abroad program in Italy for my Junior year autumn quarter. With one quarter left in my Junior year, I was sent home because of a pandemic. In my Senior year, I am living near campus, with a roommate I met for the first time in March, trying to finish out my college experience with as much of a ‘bang’ as possible while the world is in lockdown. Did that sound dramatic? Because it feels dramatic. 

Let me get to the point. Going through all that- essentially 3 schools, random roommates every year, always moving in and out, trying to constantly make new friends and find my own fun- I learned A LOT about myself.

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I learned how to be alone. Running errands, doodling in my room, eating dinner while watching Netflix, journaling in the morning, and studying for tests. I learned that the thoughts in my head can be a scary place. Always moving, trying to make new friends, feelings of unworthiness and sadness. I learned that I am an introvert. Spending 4 hours with friends usually means I need 8 hours to myself afterward. I learned that there are amazing people out there, who want nothing but the best for you. I learned that I am one of those amazing people- believe it or not!

I met myself during college. As cheesy as that sounds. As much as it makes me cringe to admit that I am somewhat ‘interesting’ or ‘cool’, occasionally. I didn’t know that in college I was going to spend more time trying to figure out who I am rather than trying to figure out the answers for the test. But here I am, almost on the other side, and I can truly say it was interesting to meet me. I discovered a lot about myself that I had never known- Cheers to discovering more. 

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I am a Senior at the University of Denver studying Communication Studies, Marketing, and Writing Practices. I love photography, exercise, reading, and trying new foods. I am currently one of the CC's here at HCDU.
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