Putting on a Brave Face

It’s been a turbulent time for everyone lately; whether you were anxiously awaiting the election results, or trying to live life with a mask on, we’ve all been through the wringer of this year one way or another. 

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s how to put on a brave face in the midst of difficult times. It would be easy to stay home and pout about how the election is going, or to refuse to wear a mask and insist on things going back to “normal,” but that’s not what we’re doing, are we? We’re staying optimistic regardless of being blue or red and maintaining social distancing to keep those we love safe. 

Photo by Janine Robinson on Unsplash

That’s brave. 

Most people have a set definition of what it means to be brave, and it often brings to mind an image of someone running into a burning building to save a baby. However, I believe bravery is more fluid than that, and that everyone is brave in their own way. 

It takes bravery to attend school right now knowing that COVID-19 is still a threat; it takes bravery to go against your family’s views and vote in line with your beliefs; it takes bravery to speak up against injustice, even if the world isn’t there to see you do it. 

Everyone is brave throughout their lives, and everyone has different experiences that shape their bravery. Even though you’ve likely experienced a difficult time unique to you, that doesn’t make someone else’s experience less legitimate. For example, I have undergone 18 surgeries, but every time a friend of mine had their wisdom teeth removed, I supported them and what they were feeling the entire way through. Both experiences are equally valid.

Difficult Roads lead to beautiful destinations sign Photo by Hello I'm Nik from Unsplash

Adversity is not something that is easily compared, and it is definitely not something that can be measured on a scale. The same goes for bravery: for some, the hardest part of their day may be telling themselves to eat breakfast, and for others, it may be public speaking. Both are powerful acts of bravery for that individual and they deserve to be acknowledged and appreciated. 

Always know that you are noticed and appreciated by someone. Your acts of bravery are worth it. Even though we can’t see it underneath your mask, we acknowledge all of your acts of bravery and applaud you. 

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