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Prom Dress Envy

Prom season: The ONE time college girls envy high school girls and for one reason only: PROM DRESSES. It seems like no matter how in love with your prom dress you were, the next season rolls around and you find new dresses you love even more, somehow they just keep getting better! Even with changing styles– from the ball gown, to mermaid, to this years trending two piece– prom dresses are the weakness for every girly college girl…Well for me at least! 

However, one thing always seems to linger in the back of my mind. Any dress can look great on a Sherri Hill model, but I want real dresses on real girls in real prom settings as opposed to 20 something models reliving prom as their job–not to say I’m not slightly jealous, but still! So here are some of the drool worthy dresses from this year’s prom season. 

All the glitter! All the rhinestones! So much envy. 

Trending two pieces this year! Love them! And surly they make dancing easier too. 

Who says you can’t mix silver and gold? 

Or bring on the black! 

Talk about a stunning back! 

And for black, gold, silver, and a two piece, this popular dress has been spotted numerous times this year! 

Don’t forget about killer, show stopping shoes….

Drooling yet? A few more…

All the mermaid tails! 


So much color, so many back pieces… SO in love. 

Maybe more subtle? Still in love. 

Okay one more… 


Just to remind us all how stupid fancy dresses really are at the end of the day… and that yoga pants will always be easier to pee in. 

Molly is from Salina, Kansas and is a second year at the University of Denver. She is currently an International Studies and French major. When Molly isn't writing for HC, she is working as a swim instructor for a private company teaching little kiddos! If she's not working she loves hanging out at Kaladi Brothers Coffee, or thrifting at local thrift shops. Molly is involved in humanitarian organizations and the french club on campus! Molly's motto is, "Follow your arrow no matter where it points". 
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