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My Parents Tricked Me Into Believing in the Candy Fairy

When I was little my parents used to let my sister and I keep 20 pieces of our Halloween candy and the rest would go to the candy fairy who would give candy to the kids who were hungry and didn’t have candy.  We would put our candy on the front porch and in the morning there would magically be a present waiting for us where we put our candy the night before. Of course we know that the candy fairy was really my mom and the candy went to my parents and the trash can, not the kids who didn’t get Halloween candy, but my small four year old self did not realize that. There was one time my mom accidently left the arts and crafts kit the ‘candy fairy’ brought me in a Target bag, but I just assumed the fairy went to Target to buy the gift and not my mom. I was not the brightest child, but that’s okay; I still somehow got into college. My favorite gift the candy fairy brought me was an Aladdin DVD.

When I got older I realized that the candy fairy did not exist and it was my mom leaving presents at the front door, but I also assumed that this was a well established tradition and that many families had, sort of like the tooth fairy. I was wrong. I asked multiple friends about it and they all just looked at me like I was absolutely insane. They had never heard of the candy fairy. I recently talked to my mom about this fairy and she is convinced that other parents use the candy fairy to trick their children into eating less candy, but I’m pretty sure she is the only one.


I’m on a mission to prove my parents were not the only ones to trick me into believing in the candy fairy. I’M NOT CRAZY.  If you have had a similar experience, please email me at Julia.Wolfe@du.edu so I can prove my friends wrong. Thanks.


Julia is currently a freshman at University of Denver double majoring psychology and theatre. When she's not writing articles for Her Campus, she can be found at dance team practice, singing, watching Jane the Virgin, or eating popcorn. You can keep up with her on Instagram @JuliaCWolfe.
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