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Live music is back in action, milestones are being passed, and artists are making huge announcements left and right. Here are eight things happening in music news this week.

Lorde Releases new single “Mood Ring”

Lorde’s new single is reminiscent and heavily influenced by a mix of 1960’s culture and early 2000’s pop music. The song is to be featured on her upcoming album, Solar Power. Mood Ring is a satirical take on spiritual wellness with lyrics such as “You can burn sage, and I’ll cleanse the crystals/ We can get high, but only if the wind blows (Blows just right).” Her album is to be released on August 20th.

Ray Charles is inducted into the country music hall of fame

Ray Charles’s musical career covered several genres- blues, soul, R&B, and even country. Charles has famously worked with artists such as Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings. He has been inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame alongside artists such as Eddie Bayers, The Judds, and Pete Drake.

Olivia rodrigo surpasses one billion Spotify streams on hit single “driver’s license”

Congratulations to Olivia Rodrigo for surpassing one billion streams on Spotify on her single Driver’s License! The 18 year old singer-songwriter has been incredibly successful with the release of her first album Sour, which debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 Albums.

dimebag darrell of pantera’s estate drops deal with dean guitars ending in lawsuit

The late guitarist’s girlfriend announced that Darrell’s estate will be parting ways from Dean Guitars after deciding that Darrell’s legacy was not being respected to the fullest extent. In a long Instagram post, it is detailed that his estate will proceed to file a lawsuit against Dean Guitars during the split.

simon gallup, bassist of the cure, leaves band after 42 years

Simon Gallup splits from The Cure after being their bassist for 42 years. While not an original member of the band, he has been with them for most of their time. Throughout his 42 years in the band, we can think him for writing songs like Friday I’m in Love and Just Like Heaven.

lizzo and cardi b release single “Rumors”

New single Rumors by Lizzo and Cardi B hit the radio, immediately followed by a music video. The gold theme is stunning as the two women address rumors they’ve heard about themselves in their new song.

Live nation requires proof of vaccination or negative Covid-19 tests for all shows

Live Nation Entertainment has announced that starting October 4th, all Live Nation venues and festivals will require proof of COVID-19 vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test before entering a show. This requirement was encouraged after Lollapalooza, an event with 400,000 attendees that had an estimated 200 cases linked to the festival. Lollapalooza’s success was attributed to requiring guests to provide vaccination proof or a negative test.

Jamie Spears is stepping down as Britney’s conservator

Jamie Spears, father of popstar Britney Spears, says that he will step from from his role in her conservatorship. Britney’s conservatorship started in 2008. Her father has the rights to her finances, has forced her to do tours and a Las Vegas residency, and has even barred her from marrying her longtime boyfriend and forcing her to get an IUD to avoid them from starting a family. Britney appeared in court in June in effort to stop the conservatorship, but the judge denied her request. The Internet has been talking nonstop about the “Free Britney” movement since. It is speculated that she officially has control over her Instagram again after worrying and cryptic posts were no longer being made. Jamie has announced that he will step down after much criticism from Britney Spears fans and her famous friends.

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