Let's Take a Minute

Hey Sharks! Has this ever happened to you: your spirit is drained, your soul is soup, and your nerves are literally grated parmesan cheese. It’s ok. I know. Week 6 is over. It’s almost week 7, morale is low, tensions are high. It has been a wild, rough, bumpy ride. Mercury has been in retrograde for the past three weeks. Everything has fallen apart… if the school’s wifi can’t keep it together, how are we supposed to? Going on seems futile. It’s the third quarter in a long school year… and the end doesn’t feel in sight.

Have no fear my dear Sharkies, we’re on the home stretch! We’re so close and Mercury is no longer in retrograde (technically). We just have to push through these last four weeks. We have so much going for us, the days are getting longer, the weather is nicer, and it’s MAY! There’s flowers in bloom! Seniors are about to graduate, people are about to study abroad, and I just declared another major! We’ve got it going on! So, here’s ten ideas for finding a bit of rejuvenation-- one for each of our ten weeks:

  1. Walk along the path between JMac and Nelson and just bask in the glorious scent of the lilac bushes. There are also blooming flowers around campus, find a floral pocket and just stand or sit there for a second and inhale deeply. You won’t look as weird as you think.

  2. Lay out in the sun on the quad with a speaker and some friends and just be present in the moment (or read a good book!!)

Go for a walk and explore parts of campus you may not have explored so far (side note: if you haven’t been to the top of the SIE Complex building you’re missing out on a view)

  1. Try to do homework in a different location! A change of scenery can go a long way for you productivity, especially if you’ve found yourself in a rut. (Trust me, I’m a psych major)

  2. Order something new! I ordered a lavender italian soda at Beans the other day and somehow it was so good I found the inspiration for a creative way to finish a french assignment. Coincidence? I think not.

  3. If there’s something or someone bringing you down, just take a break. Focus in on you and the things you need to do. Spend some time taking yourself out-- to dinner, to the movies, to a park, to a concert.

  1. Make a list! I know we’ve all got too much going on, and on top of it summer to worry about. Making a list is a great way to quantify the amount of things you need to do, and prioritize what can wait-- mental health is just as important!

  2. Do a face mask! They help relieve stress and benefit your skin!

  3. Watch this video. And this one. And this one. And another one.

  4. Spend time with someone who lifts you up and makes you feel comfortable and ready to take on the world. Call a loved one, send a cute selfie. Get some good ice cream! Whatever you need to do to make today just a bit better than yesterday.

Overall, we’re going to struggle. Life is very cyclical, so the good times roll into the bad. But, the best part about that is that after a struggle, the good stuff comes back around. So really all we can do is wait out the rough stuff and take a minute to ourselves.