Jonas Brothers Spring Break Playlist

In case you have been living under or a rock (or in the AAC), the Jonas Brothers are back!! Be still my Joe-lovin’ tween heart. And there is no better time to relive the glory days of Tiger Beat Jo Bro posters than during Spring Break! We’ve compiled the most relatable JB songs for you to jam on the plane, train, or good ole’ Denver light rail. Find it on Spotify here!

1. Sucker, Single (2018)

Of course you have to start with something new! If the rest of the album is as catchy as “Sucker”, it will be the peak of Jonas Brothers concert ticket prices. 

2. Hold On, Jonas Brothers (2007)

This song opens with the lyrics, “We don’t have time to regret…” That is a Spring Break MOOD if I’ve ever heard one!! That’s right Jo Bros, we don’t have time for broken hearts here.

3. Burnin’ Up, A Little Bit Longer (2008)

You, quietly lip-syncing to your crush across the pool.

4. Play my Music Camp Rock (2008)

One of the most iconic songs of Camp Rock, tell that chorus line to any of your roadtrippin’ buddies.

5. That’s Just the Way We Roll, Jonas Brothers (2007)

A rooftop party with the Jo Bros? Count me in.

6. Still in Love With You, Jonas Brothers (2007)

Let’s get sappy and sentimental halfway through…but like in a pop-y way.

7. Lovebug, A Little Bit Longer (2008)

Continuing this sappy theme, this may or not be the most ICONIC Jonas Brothers’ song of all time. Sing along to puppy love, m’dears. And play it x2.

8. Australia, Jonas Brothers (2007)

Spring Break and Abroad takes DU students far and wide; thus, we have to have at least one out-of-country song represented.

9. S.O.S. Jonas Brothers (2007)

Another Jo Bro classic—also SOS at this point that this playlist is almost over ):

10. Year 3000, It’s About Time (2006)

And of course, to end on a positive note about the future of the Year 3000 and Spring Quarter would be a wasted opportunity.

Check your rearview mirror, Spring Break (and my Jo Bros crush) is coming up fast!