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How I Manage Stress as a College Student

One of the hardest lessons that a college student has to learn is stress management. This was one of the most important lessons that college has taught me. Here are a few of my best tops for managing stress!

Take time for you

Taking a little time every day to focus on yourself, how you are feeling, and simply reflecting is vital to a healthy lifestyle. Seeing where you are and why you are stressed can help you assess what needs to change in your life.

take yourself on a date

I take myself on a “date” every week. Your dates could be little things like buying yourself a coffee or reading a book for fun. One date that I have been consistently going on is setting aside every week to go to an improv comedy show. The important thing is to do an activity where you are not focused on your other responsibilities.


I have found that when I am stressed, it is because I feel like I do not have structure. One thing that has tremendously helped me is making a list of all the things I need to accomplish during the day. I get very overwhelmed when I feel like I have so much to do without making a dent in the work. Plus, it is incredibly satisfying to take a task off of your to-do list.


It is extremely hard to get sleep as a college student. Coincidentally, sleep is a huge factor in stress. I am not suggesting to nap all day every day, but make sure you are getting enough sleep. Running on a low battery will only increase frustration and stress.

taking care of your physical health

Make sure that you are eating enough and moving your body. When we are not feeling physically good, we are mentally suffering as well. If you make it a goal to take care of your physical health, you will notice that your life will generally improve.

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