How to Dress Like a Coloradan

Whether you’ve just arrived fresh out of state or made the move to the West years ago, you’ve quickly noticed: Coloradans have their own sense of style. In order to quickly blend in, or to show off your independent style, we’ve accumulated the true #looks of a college Coloradan. Do or don’t what you will.



The lumberjack look isn’t only for men The closer you are to the mountains, the more plaid shirts you have to own.


Hate running? Had trouble completing the mile in high school? Don’t worry, you probably know fifteen people who run marathons on the regular. Steal one of theirs. Trust me, they have plenty. Half Marathons also okay. 5ks...wear at your own risk.


Broncos shirts and jerseys are acceptable attire any day of the year but especially fall Sunday nights. A great reference to have when you’re waiting in line at King Soupers or Safeway and forced small talk is required.


Athletic shorts  

You must look as if you are just about to hike a fourteener at all times.


Patagonia Jacket

Whether you’re more into the fuzzy look or looking like a puffy black trash bag, #patagucci is THE stable of all Coloradan outerwear.

Bonus points if you’ve actually hiked Patagonia, like sophomore and senior duo, Jill and Claire Giradeau

North Face

North Face products run a close second to Patagonia. For the perfect Coloradan look, wear a North Face vest underneath a Patagonia jacket.



Birkenstocks are practically synonymous with the outdoors and can literally be worn. with. anything. Sweatpants and t-shirt? Birks. Oversized t-shirt and shorts? Birks. Sundress? Birks.


A relative secret until you actually live in the state, Chacos are also multi-purpose and yes, people hike in them.

Bean Boots

On the rare days Colorado doesn’t have any sun, Bean Boots are the perfect shoe to keep your feet try and still appear outdoorsy.



But only acceptable if you are 1) visiting hot springs 2) skiing on Gaper Day. Yes, you heard me right, skiing.


Anything sporting the Colorado flag

Water bottle sticker? Beanie? Headband? Apron? Tattoo? Yes. Another bonus if you have a tattoo of the Colorado flag AND of the mountains.

Hydro flask

As soon as you step off the plane, you realize, Colorado is dry, dry, dry. Forget Contigo. You need the mother of all water bottles.