Health Tricks to do During Midterms

It’s midterms… a dreaded week for all of us. The Pio Plague has made its comeback, professors are in full assignment force, and the ever-changing weather is impossible to adjust to. If you’re anything like me, it’s easy to forget about yourself during stressful times. Here are a few things you should make the time to do during midterms for your own mental and physical health.

  1. Ease up on the caffeine and drink more Vitamin C. My go-to is EmergenC powder packets, but there are a ton of different brands and options. All of them are made up of vitamins that give you a little extra boost, and contain no artificial drugs. Other options to boost your vitamin C are Orange Juice or fruit smoothies.  
  2. Green tea! We all need caffeine at some point, but instead of drowning in coffee or soda, try a hot or cold green tea. You’ll get the caffeine you need, and the extra antioxidants in green tea will help you feel better a little more naturally. (Bonus: It’s amazing for you to sweeten green tea with honey, and it tastes so good! Use local grown honey to help combat allergies.) Also, consider adding fresh lemon and ginger for extra goodness! 
  3. Dark Chocolate, almonds, and Crasins… The power snack of champions. These three “power foods” will not only curve your sweet tooth and help you avoid reaching for junk food while you study, but they will also increase your alertness. Furthermore, all three have great antioxidants for your immune system (It's all about staying healthy!)             BONUS: If you're 21 or older, try a glass of red wine a day for other healthy antioxidants.
  4. A hot shower. Make taking a shower a priority! Sure, it may seem easier to throw on leggings and a ball cap for one more day, but taking a hot shower does a few good things for you. It releases toxins when your pores open, which can help you feel more relaxed. Showers can also be great aroma therapy for anxiety and stress relief; you can use your favorite relaxing soap or oil diffusers in the shower to give yourself a great five minute get-away. Furthermore, it's proven that if you feel better, you do better. Being clean after a shower will subconsciously boost your confidence (You may need that little extra boost to slay your midterms).
  5. SLEEP. Undergrad is the epitome of sleep deprivation, but science has proven how much better your brain works with ample amounts of sleep. If you can’t fit in a full six hours at night, try to take power naps throughout the day. If napping throws off your groove, try meditation- certain kinds of meditation for 20 minutes can be the equivalent of an hour of deep sleep. This is NOT to say never sleep again, but we all know that sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures. Just don’t make it a habit.