Freddie From iCarly Got Married, And The Footage Is Otherworldly

On November 15, 2015 Nathan Kress married the love of his world. Most people know Nathan from his role as Freddie on iCarly, which stopped airing over three years ago. Since then, Nathan has been busy falling in love with co-star London Elise Moore, where rumors insinuate the relationship sparked. While the wedding took place several months ago, the couple shared footage from their wedding day that has been going viral for so many reasons. In an Instagram post announcing the 7-minute video, Kress shared, "For those who don't know much about us, I hope this gives you an idea of where we come from. My fans and followers mean a lot to me, and because of the overwhelming support we received from so many of you during this time, we want you to feel like you were there."

I'll admit, since iCarly stopped airing and Freddie was no longer Freddie, my following on Nathan had been lost - and the news about his big day came as a complete shock to me. So, I am guilty of being one of those individuals who did not know much about the couple. But Nathan was right - the video put all of the lost time together, and it turns out, this couple has and shares all of the love in the world for each other. Filmed by filmaking company The Cinematic Age, the couples big day was captured seamlessly. The most beautiful part of the short film, however, are the words shared about the couple from friends and family. Nathan's brother's toast, which opens the film, will have in you tears almost immediately. Following several more etheral toasts, the film ends with Nathan reflecting in tears on London and their relationship; "She's just - she's so real. And that's something that I need, really bad. Just in my lifestyle, in the place that I work - I have to have that. I have to come home to that. And she's the single most real person I've ever met in my life."

(P.s. - If you're a sucker for ~heartwrenching~ groom reactions, you're going to want to stick around.)

Check out the whole video here, and prepare to be permanently choked up for the next seven minutes: