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Coffee Crisis

College campuses and caffeine go hand in hand. Who doesn’t need a little shot of energy at 8:00am or 2:00pm? Einstein’s, Jazzman’s and the (two!) Beans locations provide a variety of options for DU students. Whatever your preference: chai lattes, espresso drinks, or Einstein’s vanilla hazelnut roast (my personal favorite), the DU coffee shops are there for you on the weekdays. But have you ever noticed that there are no, nada, zilch coffee shops open at DU on the weekends?

For avid coffee fans and the occasional visitor, this is disappointing. Coffee shops provide more than just hot bean water. “If the library is not your thing,” remarked junior Kate Paterson, “you go [study] at a coffee shop.” It provides a unique atmosphere, a place to go relax or study with your friends. Who doesn’t love the dogs that are often out on Bean’s patio? Or eating bagels with a pal at Einstein’s? Why should this atmosphere, this piece of campus culture, disappear on the weekends? Are we only on show for prospective students?

By all means, go to Kaladis, go to Stella’s, go to Starbucks. I am a frequent visitor of all (Evans Starbucks > University Starbucks). Heck, I’m writing this article at the Evans Starbucks. But especially for the underclassmen who live on campus, and those who do not own cars, we need a convenient place to gather, to work, to play…and to get coffee. Junior Emily Jones agreed, “I feel like if they did have coffee shops open on campus, people would go to them. Especially freshmen and sophomores.”

While all of the coffee shops near campus have at least some study room, they are often packed with DU students on the weekdays and the weekends. Designed as places to gather, all welcome the influx of students, but it hurts business to not be able to turn a table for four hours. If Beans were to stay open on the weekends, it would not only provide coffee and study space but extra hours for the students who work there.

I think weekend coffee shops is a conversation that should happen. Chancellor Chopp, what’s your drink of choice?


Claire graduated with a business degree in hospitality management from the University of Denver in 2019. She was a Her Campus DU Contributor from 2015-2017 and led as Co-Campus Correspondent from 2017-2019. Her favorite hobbies include drinking coffee, writing, tweeting, and attempting to learn Mandarin.
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