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Hey sharks! It’s been getting warmer here in Denver, and you know what that means! We get to let our hair down! Hair. We mostly all have it, and I don’t know about y’all but it’s definitely super important to me that my hair feels nice and healthy. I recently acquired bottle of Bed Head TIGI Get Twisted Anti-Frizz Finishing Spray and I have got to say, I am definitely digging this magic potion.

First of all, the bottle is a nice ergonomic shape and a very vibrant combo of green and purple. And the smell! It smells so light, fruity, and floral, I was tempted to just keep spraying it in my hair, so I could keep smelling it. I refrained, but good golly, I’ve used it about three times. Five sprays each time and there’s barely any gone, which tends to mean good bang for your buck. The bottle holds 6.76 fl. oz. and it runs anywhere from about $13-$21, depending on where you purchase online (Amazon).

I usually run some jojoba or coconut oil through my hair to tame the frizz and spray a good 6-7 pumps of L’Oréal Paris Air Dry in my hair so that the natural waviness of my hair stays. I skipped both of those things this time around to test how the Get Twisted spray works in my hair. Other than running my fingers through my hair a few times and putting coconut oil on my tips (preventing split-ends is my passion), I simply let my hair air dry. When it was damp—it’s not wet okay? When it’s damp—I did four or five puffs of the spray and brushed with my fingers through to distribute the product evenly.

Here’s a picture right before I added the spray. I promise you there was a lot more frizz than is evident.

And here are my luscious locks right after the Get Twisted spray, so much more tamed it was clear as soon as I sprayed it in. Less poof, same volume. Perfectly fresh for finals prep. While my naturally wavy hair ended up settling as more straight throughout the day, the frizz factor stayed below my threshold of discomfort. The smell from the spray unfortunately wore off throughout the day, so my hair just smells like hair now. All in all, I give this stuff a solid 3/5 sharks, but I would incorporate this into my usual hair routine rather than using it as a standalone product. Stay tuned for my next venture as I try more things so you don’t have to!

That’s all for today, folks! Feel free to let Her Campus DU know if there’s any products or trends you’d like to see reviewed!

*All photos taken by author

Neck deep in her third year of Psychology and French at DU, this double major has a soft spot for plants, puns, and layering face masks. Director of Events for Her Campus DU, connoisseur of chaos, and proclaimer of words. If there is a problem, coconut oil is likely the solution. 
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