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AZO Products Complete Feminine Balance Daily Probiotic: A Personal Review

Let’s be real. There’s a lot that goes into feminine health. Sometimes, it can be frustrating trying to keep your vaginal health at 100%. The vagina is home to live yeast and bacteria colonies that can be easily thrown off by so many factors, including sex, hormonal changes, stress, or medication.

OK, but what is AZO Complete Feminine Balance Daily Probiotic all about?

Azo’s Complete Feminine Balance probiotic is a new product designed to help keep this sensitive system in check. Featured in the spring survival kit, this product has been receiving a mass of positive reviews, currently at 4.7 stars on their website from over 1280 reviews.

According to Azo, this supplement is clinically proven to:

     1. “Restore and maintain the balance of good bacteria and yeast.”

     2. “Optimize and help maintain a healthy vaginal pH.”

     3. “Create an ideal environment for healthy microflora to flourish.”

     4. “Support a natural defense to maintain feminine health.

My experience 

I tried this product out because sometimes, no matter what I try, my vaginal health seems off balance, especially with my busy lifestyle and the stress of being a full-time college student on top of my full-time job. In just a week of using this product, I have definitely noticed a difference in my vaginal health. Azo advertises this product as being effective within just seven days of using, and I can vouch for this!

I don’t personally enjoy eating yogurt, which can also provide benefits for your feminine health, but this supplement provides exactly what your body needs for a healthy vagina. One unique aspect of this product is that it is made up of four vaginal lactobacilli species that healthy women have.

While I personally haven’t had many yeast or bacterial infections, this supplement can greatly benefit anyone who struggles with those problems. Additionally, many of the reviews mention how much better this product is to use compared to the antibiotics typically given for these infections.

Overall, this product has already been wonderful in such a short time and I plan on continuing to use it to ensure my vagina stays happy and healthy!

Hello! I am one of the Her Campus DU Campus Correspondents! I am majoring in Psychology with minors in Chemistry and Criminology with the hopes of becoming a Forensic Psychologist someday! I joined Her Campus to be able to get my voice out there, as writing is one of my utmost passions. Some of my favorite things include Jesus, my family, and learning new things.
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