The millennial mentality is so much different from our parents, and while this can be said about every generation, we still need to know how to navigate the waters of adulthood! This changes for every generation, and so it’s often difficult to get the most relevant information from our parents or mentors. So I’ve been inspired to start this series for HerCampus so that I can share my experiences in the transition from college to adulthood! This series is about everything from getting a professional job, to money management, to social life changes and everything in between! My goal isn’t to brag or claim that I’m 100% right about anything, but to share what works for me in hopes that some of it will work for others!

So in the last two months I’ve learned a lot. You think you’re adulting in college, well let me tell you, YOU’RE NOT. The real world is so much different than I ever could have imagined. This summer I was going to be a nanny and take a mental break before searching for my big girl job, but the day before I was supposed to start watching this adorable little girl, they canceled on me. I had no job and no plan for my entire summer, but my bills kept coming in (see my other article, The REAL Spreadsheet of Adulting) and so I was forced to look for real jobs. I ended up getting 9 interviews within 5 days, and 3 job offers came from it! All of my friends and family were going bonkers because apparently that’s unheard of, so I’m starting this series to share my secrets of successful interviewing, the DO’s and DON’Ts of job hunting, and the most common mistakes that millennials make! And to make it even better, I’ve teamed up with my Gen X mamma to share her insights on topics as well in the “Mamma Moments” ! After all, the Gen X generation is most likely the one hiring us!

I hope this little diary of mine can shed some light on questions we all want answered as we venture from college to adult life. I know in my experience I’ve run into lots of people who have things to say about millennials and I’ve been able to have lots conversations about what these Gen X professionals think is acceptable or not acceptable in the work place. I hope sharing this information and insight will help you make decisions, and put you one step ahead of everyone else, setting you up for success! 

xoxo Molly