Abroad Playlist of the Week: South Africa

While studying aboroad in Cape Town, South Africa, a few of our very own were able to fully immerse themselves in the new music culture. Rocking the Dasies (South Africa's Coachella) was one of many ways students were culturally introduced to a whole new world of music. We were able to sit down with junior Izzie Raitt, who returned from studying abroad at the University of Cape Town, South Africa just a few months ago. "Rocking the Dasies was such a fun thing to experience, a must for anyone studying abroad in Cape Town, or South Africa as a whole. They get a ton of big name artists to come as well as a lot of local artists". Izzie shared with us a multitude of different sounds that she brought back with her from South Africa. "South Africa has an awesome music scene. There's so many more artists, but these were some of the most popular ones":

View the whole playlist here

Photos by: @izzieraitt

1. Majozi - Fire 
Genre: Footstomping Electro Indie Rock

2. TiMO ODV - Save Me (ft. Sarah Jackson) 
"Commercial Deep House and House music in general". 

3. Jeremy Loops - Down South (Live ft. Motheo Moleko)
Jeremy Loops is "the coolest person ever" according to one of the students who was lucky enough to see him live (and based off of his music (and looks), I wouldn't disagree). Loop's music is considered folk, but is also relatively modern. He has performed at Red Rocks twice, and truly is a musician of inspiration. Loops is well worth looking into, if not to broaden your spectrum of music, then to admire visually (because that's okay, too). Check out his stunning music video here. 

4. Al Bairre - Julia
Al Bairre is made up of all University of Cape Town students (where our Pioneers studied), and all really great people. Pronounced [Al Bear], this group is considered Classic Indie Finger Pop (that's a new one): an "aggressively unfancy band from the mother city, South Africa. We have nice hair and like ugly things." Love it. Catch the music video here

5. The Rudimentals - Bubbling
Another ska/reggae band rooted in South Africa (think Collie Buddz meets Shaggy meets ~very briefly~ Slightly Stoopid.)

6. Jack Parrow - Afrikaans Is Dood
Jack Parrow is one of South Africa's classics, but some of the students who came across his music felt slightly "creeped out" by him and his songs. Parrow is an African rapper, also from South Africa. Rap music in different countries can feel so distanced from what we're used to in the states, to the point where yes, it does feel creepy. But give him a shot, and give yourself a chance to discover a little about what rap culture is like in South Africa! 

7. PHFAT - Lights Out (ft. JungFreud)
A less intense spin on South African Rap.

8. Grassy Spark - Living in a Paradise
My personal favorite, Grassy Spark is more of a ska-blend influenced by a multitude of genres. There's no other way to describe the group than a collection of musicians with an utmost passion for groove.