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Photo by: DU Alpine Club Tumblr

Alpine club

(Our very own #dope club that does even #doper things)


(Because no, it’s not “Merchant’s Mile High Saloon”. BORDER FOREVER!)


(Karaoke night for the win)


(Good luck finding your way back if you don’t have your wallet or cell phone)

Epic pass

(Our ultimate guide to knee deep powder. ~yAaAAssSSs~)

Friday classes

(WTF are Friday classes?)

Greeks Gone Wild

(R.I.P. We miss your chicken fingers)

Her campus DU


Illegal Petes

(We wish everything was smothered in queso)


(Donut holes and bottomless mimosas. Need we say more?)

Keeping Up With the Quarter System

Lamont School of Music

(The lowkey most beautiful building on campus… and you’ve probably never even seen it)

Mystery shots

(Can’t leave the Border without having one (or five))

NCAA champs

(They’re winners and they look hot in their lacrosse uniforms… a win, win WIN.)


(Pretty much the best week of your life)


(BECAUSE WE’RE PROUD! And we have a geotag on snapchat)

Quarter system

(Everyone says they hate it? But secretly…we love it)

Ritchie center

(Where you go to work off the freshman 15)


(If you have a class on the 4th floor…We’re sorry)


(That one time we were all on ESPN)

University Blvd

(Full of great food, drinks, and traffic)


(“Like no place on earth”)


(Holla @Starbuds)


(Some of us still have our party favors from Snoop Dogg)


(A once popular way to anonymously spread rumours and share your deepest darkest thoughts)

Zero flex

(We know what you bought from the C-Store)

Lindsey Miller is a University of Denver sophomore majoring in Strategic Communications and minoring in Professional Writing. She is the campus correspondent of Her Campus DU, which she co-founded in March 2015. Lindsey can see herself taking her career in many directions, but of course hopes she will be writing wherever and whatever that may be.
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