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9 Things Your Barista Wants You to Know

I have been a shameless Starbucks fanatic since I first found out that if I don’t do my hair every day, I could make it to Starbucks before my first period class in high school. What started out as a friendly relationship with a soy chai latté turned into a full blown extra shot of espresso-no foam-light water-extra hot-upside down-double cupped addiction. I was perfectly content to spend my tip money on that green goddess’s bounty and share my backseat with a pile of coffee sleeves, to grimace when my barista spelled my name wrong, and to allow my groggy morning blues shine through during my interaction at the counter every morning. 

Then, as a 20-something college student I decided to join that faithful fleet of baristas and dive further into the world of coffee. Yes, I did become even more addicted to caffeine. I also became aware of these nine things that baristas want you to know:

1. I woke up at 3:00AM to brew your cup o’ joe and did it with a smile…please smile back. 

2. We don’t know every recipe on the five thousand secret menus that exist. You gotta help us out! We memorized dozens of recipes and learn new ones weekly, we really do want to make yours right…try not to get so angry when we ask a question or two.

3. Coffee is cool AF. Coffee comes to Starbucks from all over the world and many of us nerd out over it. Ask me how I feel about coffee, please. I want to talk about it. 

4. We know how to pair food with coffee! Have you ever taken a sip of our Ethiopian blend while biting into a piece of lemon loaf? It will change your life. Trust me. Not sure what to snack on? Let us help you! 

5. We really do want to make you happy. That bubbly smile and all-too-enthusiastic tone at 6:00AM is REAL! Starbucks taught us to love what we do and help you love it too…the feels are all too real. 


6. If I put 6 ice cubes instead of the 5 you asked for into your drink, I swear it was an accident and I am not out to ruin you.

7. I can barely spell my own name when I wake up at 3:00AM, so please don’t take it personally when I spell yours wrong. 

8. Crying over spilt milk is a very real and acceptable occurence. 

9. Sharpies are gold. Never steal the Sharpie. 

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