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9 Taylor Swift Songs to Get You in the Fall Mood

Taylor Swift is an amazing artist year round, but here are my favorite Taylor Swift songs with a nice fall vibe.

The best day (Taylor’s version)

In this song, Taylor sings about spending a day with her dad and going to a pumpkin patch. Whether you are actually going to a pumpkin patch or even just wish you could, this song will get you in the autumn mood.

fifteen (taylor’s version)

This song gives nostalgic back to school vibes and brings you back to the more carefree days of high school. If you ever need to get away from the stress of college classes, this song is guaranteed to bring you back to those early high school days.


The name of the song itself gives fall vibes, and in the song, she sings about the beautiful colors of the leaves. When you are walking outside in the cool fall air and admiring the warm fall colors in nature, this song is perfect.

begin again

School is starting up again, and the trees are getting a new beginning as leaves change colors and eventually shed. Shouldn’t your music be about new beginnings too? This song will help you with all of the new beginnings that autumn entails.

all too well

This emotional song is filled with fall imagery, and it is great to listen to while watching “the autumn leaves falling down like pieces into place.” As a bonus, listening to this song will get you ready for Red (Taylor’s Version), which is coming out on November 12th. Red (Taylor’s Version) will feature a ten-minute version of the song All Too Well.


This one is almost self-explanatory, because one of the best parts of fall is that the weather finally becomes cold enough to wear cardigans or sweaters. Put on your favorite cardigan and go outside to enjoy the Colorado fall weather while listening to this song.


During the beginning of fall and the beginning of the school year, it is not hard to think about how fast the summer slipped away. This song eloquently expresses that feeling. When you are missing summer days, this song is the perfect one to listen to.

long story short

This song will remind you that whatever you’re going through, you will survive it. When studying for a seemingly impossible test, put this song on in the background to motivate you. If Taylor could survive the Kanye drama, you can do anything.


As one of my favorite Taylor Swift songs, I list to this song year-round. Its mentions of fall makes it impeccable for this time of year. Whether you need a good cry or are missing someone, play this song at full volume.

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