8 Ways to Take Care of Yourself in Week 8

We’re in the home stretch. As classes are coming to a close and finals are starting up, it can be easy to fall into an anxiety trap. Here are some tips to taking care of yourself through this stressful time. Don’t give up just yet!

1. Try to Get Some Sleep

I know, I know, this one seems impossible, but there’s a reason sleep is so vital. More sleep, more energy, more focus during classes, more good grades! Try to find things in your schedule that aren’t high priorities and reclaim that time to get some extra Z’s. Pro tip? Listen to this if you can’t sleep; it was specifically created to reduce anxiety. Don’t listen to it while driving though!

2. Don’t Skip Breakfast

After being asleep from anywhere between three and eight hours, your body needs fuel. Mornings can feel really rushed, so try to put together grab-n-go food ahead of time. Personally, I’m a fan of whipping up some PB&J’s on a Sunday night and keeping them in my fridge til it’s 7am on a Wednesday and I’m flying out the door.

3. Wash Your Hair

I feel like this time of the quarter, people are practically bragging about how many days they’ve gone without really showering. If you feel like you don’t have time for a full shower every day, try compartmentalizing with shorter showers. Maybe you wash your hair Monday, wash your body Tuesday, and so on. Make it a less daunting task, but still, try to get it done. Same with your teeth! Tooth decay is a long term problem that can be prevented with a short-term solution.

4. Make a To-Do List

It doesn’t have to be a color-coded, artsy bullet journal (though if that’s your thing, more power to you!); it could just be on the Notes app on your phone. Either way, keeping a to-do list is a key way to make sure nothing falls between the cracks. Most professors don’t mind if you take out your phone in class to write a quick assignment task down.

5. Break Big Tasks Into Smaller Tasks

What feels better: one checkbox completed or ten? It can be overwhelming to have one massive assignment in front of you, so try to chunk it up into smaller portions to avoid burnout!

6. Turn on Some Tunes

Whether you like instrumentals or music in foreign languages, a little background music can motivate you to keep a clear head and get that essay done. You’ve got this!

7. Use Your Imagination

It’s kinda dorky, but something that keeps me motivated is pretending I’m the protagonist in a detective movie or something, and I’m doing research to crack the case. Sure, this is boring, or stressful, or not what you want to do, but the safety of the city is at stake!

8. Remember You’re Not Alone

This is an overwhelming part of the quarter and sometimes it can be easy to feel like you’re the only one suffocating. We gotta remember, we’re all in this together. So don’t be discouraged, Dragons! Pull some study buddies together and finish this quarter strong!