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8 Struggles Every College Kid Faces When Moving Back in With Their Parents

It’s finnaly summer and you’re back home for the next 3 months, but how do you go from a life of  no rules to suddenly making your bed and doing dishes? We feel you guys and all the struggles that come with moving back home for the summer

1. Your parents keep nagging you about “getting your life together”

We all miss binge watching everyyyyy episode of Friends on Netflix but sadly that doesn’t fly at home. Suddenly it’s all about getting off the couch and you’re like “lalala noo mom I’m not listening”


2. You’re FORCED to clean

I’m not sure about you but the last time I made my bed was…never. Now all of the sudden you have to wash your sheets twice a week and mop the floors and clean up after the dogs and your little sister and the list just goes on and on at this point. 

3. Wtf is a bedtime?!

Your dad rolls in at 11:30PM  on a Tuesday to remind you that “it’s a weeknight and it’s time for bed” and you look at that guy like he’s a crazy man. All you want to do at this point is shout I DO WHAT I WANT and continue swiping left and right on Tinder

4. And you NEVER get to sleep in anymore

No one believes in waking up at 2PM anymore do they? It still might be a Saturday morning but you’re guaranteed to be woken up no later than 10AM

5. Your parents think you’ve become an alcoholic

So what I downed four glasses of wine at dinner? I haven’t had a sip of alcohol since school got out and that’s saying something. This is for medicinal purposes dad ! I NEED IT !

6. They remind you that you’re poor AF

Okay yeah I probably deserve getting yelled at for blowing all my allowance at The Border and Jimmy Johns this past year, but I still got good grades guys!…Winter quarter freshman year that is…

7. They don’t approve of your outfit choices

“But honey you have so much better clothes in your closet than that” NO MOM I WANT TO WEAR THIS T-SHIRT DRESS EVERYDAY FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE OKAY?! AND NO I WILL NOT PUT PANTS ON

8. … Your parents have their own lives?

What do you mean you’re going out to dinner with the neighbors?…Just the parents? Who’s gunna feed me? Who’s gunna hang out with me? 


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