5 Ways to Combat Hardcore Procrastination

We all know the Spring Quarter "Week 8 Slump" quite well. Procrastination starts to hit hardcore and all motivation is lost. We can’t let it get us down because we still have a few more weeks to push through. To help you through these last few weeks, I have compiled a few of my personal tips for getting through those tough times and pushing to the finish line.  

  1. 1. Set a time/daily based plan

    Setting a plan always helps me to feel less overwhelmed. Often when procrastination hits me the hardest is when I have a lot of work to do and I can no longer keep track of it all in my head. It often helps me to make a list of everything that I need to get done and then work out what time I have available. I will schedule times during the day to work on homework, as well as some designated rest time. This helps me to make sure I am able to get everything done, without sitting around and procrastinating because I don’t know where to start. When it's all planned out I am better able to tackle everything methodically and get it done on time and efficiently. 

  2. 2. Focus on one thing at a time

    The worst way to approach work and assignments is to try and manage everything at once, especially when you have no motivation or are stressed. Personally, taking on multiple tasks at once makes me overwhelmed and causes me to be unproductive. I end up making excuses for not doing assignments or I just breakdown and can’t seem to focus on anything. When you take one thing at a time, working through and focusing on each individual task, you are usually more productive and have less of a chance of procrastinating.

  3. 3. Come up with an incentive or reward for finishing your tasks or getting through your exam

    When you give yourself something to work towards and don’t let yourself have it until you finish it really pushes you to focus and get things done efficiently. You can pick whatever works for you and gets you motivated. Sometimes for me, it's hanging out with friends, eating a sweet treat, or watching some TV. This 'reward' allows me to push myself and encourage hard work. It makes me work faster, more efficiently, and with fewer distractions, because I know I can’t have my reward until I finish my work or study for my exam. Of course, this prize has to be something you truly want, and you have to have at least a little self-restraint, otherwise, this tactic won't work.

  4. 4. Remove yourself from a distracting environment with people or things to mess with

    One of the ways that I hardcore procrastinate is pretending like I am working but actually making excuses to clean, go talk to my roommates, eat food, play on my phone, etc... One way to combat this is to remove yourself from the environment. Go to a study room or the library to get rid of distractions. Often times switching up your environment, especially a familiar one like your room which is usually associated with comfort and sleep, will help you be more productive and less distracted. I know for me there is always something on my desk to mess with or people in the suite to talk to. It's helpful to put myself in a space that is conducive to studying. When I actually move to a location other than my room it is a definitive choice to study and seems like a waste of a walk to the library if I don’t utilize the time to study or get something done.

  5. 5. Use an app or turn your phone on do not disturb to prevent you from getting distracted by your phone

    Phones can be a major distraction for everyone. Most people have smartphones with social media, games, and texting which are easy ways to procrastinate. It is extremely hard to prevent yourself from checking a text message or Snapchat notification when it lights up your phone, so sometimes just putting it away and turning off notifications can help you resist the temptations and really focus. Using something like Pocket Points can help incentivize you to stay off your phone by getting you free products and discounts on food. You can use this when you are in class, studying or just trying to avoid your phone. Putting your phone on Do Not Disturb can also be super helpful. For me, I am always distracted by what my newest notification is when my phone vibrates or rings. By turning off notifications temporarily it encourages you to pick up your phone less because your distractions are limited. It's amazing how effective this can be!  

I am hoping that some of these tips will get you through to the end of the quarter. Although, you should always remember that even when you are busy you should give yourself some time to socialize and relax. Taking a break is necessary for recharging and being able to push through to the end. Only three weeks left! You can do this!