5 Tips for Motivating Yourself in the Morning by Tori Everson

The winter months can leave people feeling unmotivated and stuck in a boring routine. College students at the University of Denver can especially relate to this during the Winter quarter. Here I have outlined 5 easy tips for helping you be productive in the early hours of the day.

  1. 1. Create a plan or to-do list of all the work you need to accomplish for the day. 

    Scrabble tiles spell out "To Do" on a blue background above a yellow sticky note

    It is helpful to create these lists every night before you go to bed, so you wake up knowing what needs to be done. This organization can help guide you into feeling accomplished as you cross things off the list. My personal favorite method is to use the sticky note app feature on my laptop. I can list off everything I need to do, in order, and then I can delete the note when the day is over without wasting any paper.

  2. 2. Get a quality amount of sleep.

    girl sleeping in black and white

    For a college student, health professionals recommend getting seven to nine hours of sleep. An adequate amount of sleep directly impacts your mental, physical and overall health.

  3. 3. Avoid snoozing your alarm.

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    For most of us, getting out of bed is difficult. Going to bed at an earlier time will make it much easier to get up and to get your day started! Waking up earlier will make you feel more productive throughout the day.

    There are many benefits of waking up early, such as having time to make and eat breakfast, more time to exercise, better concentration throughout the day, improved quality of sleep, enhanced productivity and quiet time with yourself- whether this is through a morning cup of coffee alone, the walk to the gym, or journaling. 

  4. 4. Mentally motivate yourself for whatever the day may bring.

    Molly Peach-Binoculars

    This can entail journaling or asking yourself ‘what it is hindering my motivation?’. Any of these mental ‘road-blocks’ could include, the weather, a toxic relationship, bad grades, unhealthy eating habits, etc. Everyone can change their negative mindset into a positive one.

    One step you can take in achieving a more positive outlook is by writing down the small things you are grateful for, what future endeavors you are excited for, dreams you want to pursue, etc. Altering this perception in your life can allow you to stay motivated throughout the day, while also valuing the alone time you have with yourself. 

  5. 5. Treat yourself.

    woman eating popcorn

    These extra minutes and even hours in the morning should give you more time for some self-love throughout the day. This can be making time for a face mask, watching your favorite Netflix show, painting your nails, cleaning your room, etc.

All of these steps should be extremely helpful in fighting through the winter season. Weather has a great impact on mood and productivity. Taking advantage of every minute in the day will help better your lifestyle, leading to a healthier physical and mental state (no matter the month).